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Ben Akih touches the heart of Cameroon’s security with daring message to the Israeli decision-maker at Etoudi



The defiant Cameroonian born Canadian based professor Ben Akih who leads the movement One Cameroon in peace and Unity and a staunch critic of President Biya has written a two dimensional letter.

In a two pat series, the professor writes to inform Cameroonian about the increasing role being played by Israeli born Mr. Maher Herez who serves as security adviser to the President of the republic and the other to Mr Mahrez himself.

Read full message below

1st message to the Israeli decision-maker at the Cameroonian presidency, Mr. Maher Herez: Stop meddling in our national politics. Stop your radicalizing security projects which plunge our country into civil war and make our human right record very bad with summary executions.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Our presidential guard, BIR and some aspects of this fraudulent president election are managed by a foreigner. This Israeli officer, Mr. Maher Herez, is also the adviser to the president on security issues. It does not end with the contractual business of Mr. Herez.

The state of Israel also has it easier having Cameroon vote the way Israel wants her at the UN. Recently, Mr. Jean Pierre Biyi Bi Essam, former minister of post and telecommunication, was sent by Mr. Biya to Israel as the new Cameroonian ambassador.

Israel had the full power to taunt the fellow by refusing to accept his accreditation for close to 5 months until on Oct 25, 2015. We’d like to believe that this recent gesture is in response to our critical attitude to the Israel-Cameroon diplomacy.

 No Cameroonian worthy of the name should tolerate this colonial behavior. We will, for the sake of fatherland, put ourselves in danger in order to stop this colonial behavior. This is the true destabilization.

 Here is our first direct message to Mr. Maher Herez, the Israeli running our show, asking him to stop this interference because he is a foreign destabilizer.

 By the way, we want to say this to Atanga Nji, Issa Tchiroma, and ELECAM director, and the other corrupt entourage of Biya: you have betrayed Cameroon by misleading Biya and for this election.

 Can you, please, just shut up about this supposed destabilization of Cameroon from without? Cameroon has been destabilized from within, with your punishable help.

We have lost our sovereignty to overriding foreign interests. If Mr. Atanga unleashes anti-demonstration violence, you can guess that the incompetent bully is doing nothing running the errand of the Israeli who is president while Biya sleeps.

Kamto’s coalition has the right to non-violent and legal protest to reclaim their stolen victory.

Dear Mr. Maher Herez,

we speak on behalf of Cameroon nationalists and pacifists who are revolted by the fact that you, as a foreigner, are the one calling the shots on critical issues of our beloved country.

  1. Mr. Biya has been misled by you and others; his further stay in power can only worsen his legacy. He did not win this election, so he should yield or call for fresh elections.
  1. Mr. Biya as president is supposed to attend to the grievances of his people, implement strategies to prevent radicalization of youths, such as in the North, enforce the rule of law, build strong institutions, and make sure that the will of the people as expressed in elections is sacred. The use of force to restore peace and order is a mark of failure and generally a last resort. But here we see that Biya has abandoned political engagements and participation in public life. He has left the state to the devices of corrupt workers who treat the law with contempt and despise the people. He only speaks to the people through the use of force. He is more concerned about preservation of his figurehead presidency.
  1. Given your central role in security matters at the presidency, and the fact that the Israeli-inspired BIR is technically run by you, a foreigner, we can conclude that the expression of Mr. Biya’s authority through the use of force in wars that cannot be won, is tacitly your handwork.
  1. You’re gravely mistaken in your military approach. BIR is an instrument for radicalization and for the destruction of the rule of law. Summary executions are part of your methods. To see more clearly that this is wrong, you’ve imported the techniques of Israel fighting against Hamas, a foreign terrorist group. But here we are talking about Cameroonians, even those who support secession or are misled to join Boko Haram in the North. Summary executions are wrong against them. In fact, even the methods used by Israel against Hamas are often characterized as violations. That’s the reason your nation scrambles to get colonies like Cameroon to vote against sanctions at the UN.
  2. Your approach has failed your client in many ways. You must stop meddling and give way to a peaceful transition in Cameroon. This is the time for Biya to exit.

5.1 If you assure Biya that he will survive the unwinnable wars and the stolen elections, you’re wrong. You won’t be able to deliver. Your compatriots failed Mobutu and other African dictators.

5.2. Your focus on security only without political measures in the north, makes whatever gains made against Boko Haram temporary.

5.3. The war in NW/SW is expanding and it can never be won. You don’t care about the misery, the schools and the broken economy. Perhaps, is it because more fighting means more money for you and your country’s military complex?

5.4. You’re rumoured to have brought in your fellow Israeli who pretended to be observers from transparency international. This fits the pattern of your countrymen and women who have tried in the past to help African dictators rig elections.

You have failed because these observers were denounced, Biya humiliated, and the whole world made aware of the fraud that is your client’s system. Mr. Biya has not won the election and he knows that; this makes your approach a failure.

5.5. Your attempt to improve Mr. Biya’s image abroad cannot yield fruits. Just see how many congratulatory messages he has received so far. He should know that his time to exit has come. The pressure is on him to reverse the military campaign in NW/SW.

He ignored the advice we and many others gave him – political engagement. But even this one now is too late because you have effectively radicalized the people further. Again, you have failed your client and plunged our nation in an abyss. You had no right to call the shots in the first place.

5.6. You have fine-tuned anti-demonstration crackdown methods. Do yourself a favor and advise your client not to use it against people who have been wronged. Citizens want their votes. These votes will count. Any crackdown or threats to Kamto will be another failure.

  1. Consequences: Mr. Biya will leave. You will have no hand in choosing his successor. Don’t try a coup d’etat like some of your compatriots have done in other African countries (Idi Amin, Mobutu, etc.). Kamto will be the next president of Cameroon by all indications. Cameroon nationalists will likely demand dissolution of BIR and its absorption into the regular army. You will likely lose your military contract because no Cameroonian can tolerate the quasi-colonial military arrangement of BIR and presidential guard.
  2. If your country is involved in this as it is elsewhere in Africa, Cameroon will be a lesson that the focus on politics and military contracts is wrong-headed. Israel will do well by focusing on agriculture, medical, technological, and educational trade relations with African countries. African nationals and pacifists can tolerate military schemes which only radicalize the citizens.

We speak as nationalist and want to regain control of our country that is now in your hands as a foreigner. You would do the same if a non-Israeli were to impose security strategies on Israel. Africans are not stupid. This is a sensitive anti-military and colonial campaign. You won’t like it; you would be tempted to come after us. We are not afraid of you. We would denounce your colonial manoeuvers over and over again, even if the price is death.

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Lebialem: military employ Amba tactics



Soldiers are now blocking roads in M’muock Fosimondi and demanding money from commuters, Mimi Mefor reprted

“I am writing to you from M’muock Fosimondi in the Lebialem Division. I have been hearing of the Amba boys blocking roads as defensive tactic but now in our area, it is the military that are doing so,” the local says.

The concerned local adds that: “There are two roads one can use to enter or exit the village to the nearby town of Dschang, one which passes through the Military post. There, the military block the other entry because they want all bikes and vehicles to pass through their post where they will forcefully collect the sum of FCFA 2,000 to FCFA10, 000 from each driver. Nobody have a voice because once you say a word, you’re an Amba boy.”

Lebialem is one of the hardest hit areas of the Anglophone crisis. Armed civilian  groups known as Red dragons under the command of Ambazonian field marshal controls most parts of the division, forcing local administrators to operate from neighboring Dschang in the west region of the country which borders the division

The red Dragons are seen as one of the most potent ground fighters in the two English speaking regions of the country.


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[Must Read] Abdul Karim weeps for Southern Cameroon in a tear-dropping letter



In an open letter addressed to SOUTHERN Cameroonians, Muslim scholar and government critic Abdul Karim weeps for the fate of the revolution, calls on its leaders to be more united against a common enemy and to shun hate, backstabbing and infighting amongst their ranks

he writes

Dear Southern Cameroonians, We have grappled the enemy hard and well; scored points beyond count. Yet ego, pride, hate, and greed are ripping us off our spoils of war; of our victory and gains.

Contemporary, we fight ourselves. We have created a circle of hate and dwell therein. We threaten ourselves with criminal charges, we tell lies about ourselves to the public, we sabotage genuine efforts, blackmail our very selves, we expose ourselves ruthlessly and shamelessly? come on!
—–How could a #Catholic Christian rejoice upon the demise of a #Protestant? (Is Jesus Christ not the center of belief?——
In the same light, Southern Cameroons should shield our hate and guard our tongues/modesty. I may disagree with one of us but my personal perception(s) about that individual should not overshadow the common position(liberation of Fatherland).

Note! Hate does the following to you.
1. Add your difficulties
2. Multiply your problems
3. Subtract your energy
4. Divide your effectivity.

please tell me who can thrive with those four in play? Remember hate and ego do more harm to the vessel that carries them than to the object on which they are being poured.

My candid advice: Please be careful what you do unto others. I think the Gospel according to Matthew captures it well;
“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, `Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye”. -Matthew 7:1-5

Instead of the above horrible and ugly demeanor, we should focus on prepping for the inevitable negotiations with LRC. We need one another more than ever.

Dear comrades,
The winner is not just the one who has truth or one who makes the case. The winner is necessarily one who is both competent and have the ability to negotiate. Negotiation is the use of INFORMATION and POWER respectively to affect behavior within a “web of tension”. Please, let’s all think about this broad definition by Herb Cohen and realize how bad we are doing.

Quit hating ourselves Southern Cameroonians. What the hell is wrong with us? Na Curse?

Abdulkarim Ali.

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UB to move graduation date as Ekema burial program takes center stage



University of Buea will be moving it’s graduation ceremony one week later following official funeral program of the late Buea Mayor.

The graduation which was initially scheduled for Saturday 14th of December 2019 will be moved to Saturday December 21st 2019 according to sources in the Buea based University

Council authorities today December 4th 2019 released the full funeral program of former mayor and political heavyweight of the region -Ekema PATRICK

The combative mayor will be buried on Saturday 14th December 2019, in his native Buea. The state funeral which is expected to bring together the political forces of the nation will be attended by the special repsentative of the head of state.

Mayor Ekema PATRICK died on Sunday October 27th 2019 in DOUALA after suffering from what sources say was heart attack. He was the mayor of Buea municipality and died at age 49.

See detail program of the funeral below!

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