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The Bambili murder which might draw the wrath of an erratic Trump

Eyewitness report say, Wesco, his wife and one of their sons were traveling with another missionary to go shopping on Tuesday morning when at least two shots were fired, striking the windshield and hitting Wesco twice.

According to Joseph Beti Assomo, Cameroon’s Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence, Trumann Wesco was killed by terrorists. Beti Assomo said the terrorist were on their way to attack the Bambili Gendarmerie Brigade and the University of Bamenda, when they shot Charles Trumann around Four Corners in Bambui.

The Defence boss added that during the counter operation, a lieutenant Colonel and a student of ENSET Bambili were injured and are currently receiving treatment in hospital.

Seperatists leaders have however debunked the Minister claims, blaming soldiers for Trumann’s demise.

In Washington, State Department spokesman Robert Palladino later confirmed “the death of a United States citizen in Bamenda,” adding that “we are providing all appropriate consular services but out of respect for the family during these difficult times we have nothing further on that”.​

Meanwhile, the missionary’s widow, Stephanie Wesco, tweeted that her husband Charles was now “with the Savior he adored and faithfully served for many years”

“My heart is broken,” she added. “I want to wake up from a horrific nightmare”.

Charles Wesco, who was living and working as a missionary in Bamenda, Cameroon, is brother of Timothy Wesco, who serves in Indiana’s House of Representatives. Camerounjournal reports

Bu the murder of An American missionary in Cameroon irrespective of who did it might not sit down well in the white house with its religious friendly occupants.

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The unpredictable conservative US leader and his Vice president mike Pence who is a faithful evangelical have made no secrets in the past to ditched their allies and reign down their mighty influence on any country which treats an American unfairly much alone killed an American missionary.

Turkey, a NATO and US ally recently felt the heat when it detained an American pastor Andrew Brunson it accused of plotting the overthrow its president Recip Tayip Edorgan

Relentless sanctions and pressure forced the stubborn and assertive Turkish government to release the man of God and quickly sent him back to Trump’s America to free from America hook

Fort a conflict at home which the United States has largely sides with the Biya’ government in its effort to crush separatists and their backers, the killing of an American missionaryy in Bambili through bullets  is one too expensive a casualty that might risk fracturing the shaky alliance between Washington and Yaoundé

Authorities in the nation’s capital as well as observers will be following Trump’s twitter feed seriously in the days ahead even as the government quickly blames it on terrorists in order to get more support from the US government.


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