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Mimi Mefor’s detention is causing earth tremor across the triangle

The detention of Equinoxe journalist Mimi Mefor Takambou has generated a tsunami of criticism against the government as high level politicians, civil society activists as well as journalists at home and abroad have taken turns to condemned what many say are government measures to silence free press.

The deputy editor in chief in charge of the English desk of Douala based TV Equinoxe and founder of the news website Mimi Mefor info was summoned by authorities in Douala for amongst other things propagating fake news online and cyber criminality.

News of her detention at the New Bell Central prison Douala after hours of interrogation has angered many who have called for her immediate release

Social media has been boiling across Cameroon as the hashtag  #FreeMImimefor makes waves across the different social media platforms

Mimi Mefor is one of the most active frontline journalists covering the Anglophone crisis at home and has constantly reported threats from unknown men on her life.

She was accused of working for the Ambazonian separatists’ movement in the past, a charge she vehemently denies as she prides herself as journalists who is only doing her job.

Many Cameroonians believe her arrest is a way to intimidate an increasingly authoritative online bloggers and journalists as the Anglophone crisis rages on.

Her television network Equinoxe has issued a statement, condemning her incarceration, and calling all necessary authorities to release her immediately

“Equinoxe Television strongly condemns the incarceration of Mimi Mefo Takambou….we are asking the competent authorities to take all necessary measures for her immediate release” The statement reads in part.

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CAMSEJ, Cameroon’s Association of English speaking journalists also issued a statement, expressing their shock and disbelieve while calling for the journalist’s immediate release

Prominent politicians like Professor Maurice kamto of MRC, SDF’s Jsohua Osih, government nemesis Kah wallah and other have all taken rounds to call for her immediate release


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