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Calm gradually returns home as Ambazonian estranged leaders shred themselves into pieces

The fighting between factions of the now divided Ambazonian leaders on self-imposed exile abroad has been lay to bear as the military makes significant gains back home to return things back to normalcy.

The Anglophone regions of North West and South West  have been undergoing two years of crisis as separatist forces have been battling with government forces in their bit to secede from the rest of the country

Hundreds have died while tens of thousands have been displaced according to rights group Amnesty International and the fighting still rages on.

Ayaba vs Sako duel

The Ambazonian leadership has been divided from the start as different factions seeks to consolidate power and wields more influence on the ground as they battle to reign disorder at home and force government to submission.

But the exiled leaders who are considered as outlaw at home have been doing their best to hide their differences and demonstrate a sense of unity in public to help boost the spirits of their followers.

Their strategy largely succeeded as they join forces to fund armed separatist back home, causing huge security problems to the government as the military had to battle the militia on multiple fronts, losing many soldiers in the process as most parts of the affected regions were increasingly ungovernable

But after months of relentless news of massive financial fraud, infighting, back stabbing, secret deals and power grabbing, the differences have spilled out into the public and the seeming unity they once demonstrated has come crumbling like pile of cards as many now wonder what next

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The so called leader of the Interim government Dr. Samuel Sako who replaced the incarcerated  Sissekou Tabe Ayuk and Dr Ayaba Cho who  leads the so called Ambazonian governing council have been battling for leadership of a movement which is fast losing ground at home as the military is making impressive gains with their foot soldiers on the back foot

The two figures who have divided their countless social media generals who have chosen their own leader and are drumming home the messages of those they support while selling their image

As the leadership tussle play out abroad, their fighters or what is left of it continue to perish in a merciless military campaign to weed out what the government considers as terrorists forces seeking to destabilize the country

President Biya in his inaugural speech vowed to end the ongoing Anglophone crisis, touting his previous efforts of dialogue by his ministers even as the war rages on in most part of the Anglophone Cameroon.

Many believe the government will intensify its military campaign and wipeout the pocket of resistance left of the armed movement in its bits to end the two years crisis and returns normalcy in the affected regions


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