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Diplomatic Offensive: Balla Shocks World Leaders with secret Anglophone Files

Barrister Agbor Balla and Senegalese president
Barrister Agbor Balla and Senegalese president

Internationally acclaimed human rights lawyer and former political prisoner barrister Felix Agbor Balla has once again launched another fierce but silent diplomatic offensive in his quest to find lasting solution to the ongoing Anglophone crisis.

The founding President of the Center for Human rights and democracy in Africa (CHRDA) is in Paris-France, Cameroon’s strangest European ally to drive home the plights of the Anglophones who have been gripped by two years of crisis with no end in sight.

Federalists by principle and activists by profession, very few Cameroonians have been consistently active in their effort to find lasting solution to the ongoing Anglophone crisis than the legal juggernaut.

His latest visit to Paris, French capital comes just days after he took the Anglophone case to the Canadian parliament where he details massive and continuous human rights abuses by the country’s security as well as the suffering of the Anglophone people while reminding the law makers of the need for peace in his homeland

“Peace is not just the suspension of war. It is made up of all the solutions that help minimise international tensions: institutions to channel power rivalries and administer global public goods, justice to assuage grievances and frustration, regulation to address inequalities and abuses of power.” He said

Balla’s visit to Paris to participate in the Paris Peace Forum alongside more than 60 world leaders presents another opportunity for the activists to further make his case for the Anglophones, a job he has committed himself to do and find long lasting solution to the crisis

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The international lawyer is expected to present the real humanitarian situation on the ground, the wish of the Anglophones back home as well as the government’s inability to urgently and genuinely solve the crisis which is killing many and has displaced tens of thousands both internally and externally as refugees in neighboring Nigeria.

Balla was one of the forefront lawyers who took the government to task in November 2016 for what lawyers said was a deliberate attempt by the state to assimilate the common law system practiced by the Anglophones by the civil law practiced by the francophone majority, a move which started the Anglophone crisis.

He quickly headed the now outlawed consortium of lawyers and teachers which was formed as a united body to dialogue with the government and find lasting solutions to Anglophone problems which many had considered to be historic and systematic.

He was later arrested and detained for eight months when he was released August 2017 after massive international pressure alongside some others as the crisis moved to an armed crisis

Ever since after his release, the human rights icon has been touring the world, making his case for the marginalized Anglophones, telling who ever  cares to listen that federal system of government remains the only way to resolve the crisis even as secessionist voices gets louder as the crisis grinds on with many dying every day.

Fondly referred to as “president Balla” for his relentless and fearless commitment to his course to liberate the people from the clutches of the francophone majority, the Buea based activists has been at the forefront of documenting government atrocities committed during  their merciless fight against armed insurgents in the Anglophone regions of North West and South west of Cameroon.

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Barrister Balla had rallied forces with other moderate voices in the country like Catholic priest, emeritus cardinal Tumi, international diplomat Dr Simun Munzo and opposition Edith Kah wallah to drum home their federalist agenda to a unitary learning government



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