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UK or Kumbo? Run away SDF MP Hon. Wirba resurfaces with confusing tweet about his whereabouts

SDF Firebrand Member of Parliament for Jakiri Special constituency Hon. Joseph Wirba has finally left the country after months of uncertainty over his fate-the coordinator of Wirba support team Dr Augustine Mofor said in a press release which the MP pinned to his official twitter account today November 18th 2018.

The Firebrand MP who has been in hiding for months is reported to have arrived UK barely hours after tweeting what he has witnessed “military brutality” in Kumbo, North West region of Cameron as the Anglophone crisis rages on sparking a debate over his whereabouts.

Yesterday, the SDF MP twitted about the brutality he said he personally witnessed in Kumbo saying “Was in Kumbo earlier today and witnessed first hand the barbarism exacted on innocent civilians especially in Squares and Mbve neighborhoods by the brutal Cameroun Military.”

The latest tweets from the man who prides himself as the warrior of Nso has sparked national debate over is exact whereabouts as fighting between government forces and separatists forces continue especially in the North West regions.

In a defiant speech at the country’s rubber stamp parliament in December 2016 where he condemned government crackdown of peaceful Anglophone protesters and accuse them of systemic discrimination in a rare speech of parliamentary defiance which endeared him in the minds of many Cameroonians, the opposition MP immediately rose to the pinnacle of national fame and became an instant icon and symbol of liberation for the Anglophone movement.

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He has been physically absent on the national stage as he claims government is after him but has been tweeting about important issues affecting the country’s Anglophone regions including the incarceration of journalist Mimi Mefor which he said was a “direct attack on the press”

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