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SDF says “sorry” for a sin many begged them not to commit

When top party officials of the party took the unprecedented step on Tuesday November 20th 2018 at the nation’s political capital Yaoundé to apologize for their embarrassing performance at the October 7th polls, may political observers, party supporters or those left of them were certainly busy with other major national affairs.

But even at that the SDFs apology still caught the eye of the national press

For the first time since the introduction of multiparty politics in the country around the 90s, the Social democratic Front has never performed so poorly in a national election.

They came up a distant third, relinquishing their famous second position to little known Maurice Kamto from MRC and political newcomer Cabral Libii who emerge a surprise third.

Indeed the party of Nji John Fru Ndi needed to apologize to their supporters, because the party’s involvement in the last presidential election was a betrayal of the peoples trust and demonstration of unpardonable political arrogance in the world of politicking.

October 7th 2018 presidential elections were held in the most controversial circumstances especially for the party, The English speaking regions of North West and South West have been and still suffers from two years of historic crisis which has left many death and hundreds of thousands displaced.

The two regions constitute the biggest base for the party and makes up more than 80% of its militants.

Many political opponent and critics had branded the party as a regional party before due to its historic strong showing in those two regions whenever elections comes calling especially in the North West and even though they enjoy pocket of support from West and littoral, party officials had always known that without the two Anglophone regions there would be no SDF, not least when a westerner is on the ticket.

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And so when the party, despite massive outcry from militants not to legitimize the elections by running, decided to think otherwise and take the unpopular decision to run in their February 2018 national convention and voted Firebrand leader Joshuia Osih to replace veteran leader Ni John Fru Ndi for the first time in the party’s history in what many saw as a poisoned gift, the party took a conscious decision to burry its position and place at the national stage an even regional level.

The horrible showing of the party in the last race was not only a reflection of reality which the party is struggling to avoid as they brandish themselves as a national party but also tells of shifting times and crumbling fortunes for a party many had tipped as the potential successor of CPDM.

Party leaders and strategists are certainly aware that the people have lost confidence in them and issued a vote of no confidence as their base is busy looking for safety, having relegated party politics and loyalty to bottom of priority list and deservingly so.

Why it is not originally clear whom party leaders were apologizing to, one thing which is clear is the fact that SDF were told of the sin before they committed it and they went ahead to sin, forgetting to know that the population hardly ever forgives

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