University of Bamenda defiles threats, matriculates thousands of students at a heavy price

Close to five thousand new students of the University of Bamenda took part in the oath of matriculation as they begun a new academic journey.

The matriculation ceremony which took place in the University’s campus that was heavily guarded by security forces as gunshots were heard in the Bambili and neighboring localities in the morning of Tuesday November 27th 2018.

A source told journalducamerooun.com that gunmen had erected road blocks in Bambui, a few kilometres from Bambili, firing shots in the air and forcing passengers to make a u-turn.

A source who was accompanying his brother to the matriculation ground said they were surrendered at gunpoint upon arriving the road block before forced to return to Bamenda.

The source added that the gunmen had set ablaze a taxi that attempted to force its way through before ordering all its occupants to return to Bamenda.

The gunmen only retreated to their hideouts after news of the imminent arrival of security forces on the scene but the area has since remained deserted with residents all indoors for fear of the unknown.

Later during the day, a source at the University of Bamenda said that the students and staff were picked up in Bamabili on their way to school but their identities have not yet been revealed, Cameroun journal reports

The website added that authorities of the University of Bamenda were only aware of the incident after they were informed by security forces during the matriculation ceremony that took place on campus today.

The Governor of the North West region, Adolphe Lele LAfrique who was also in Bambili was equally informed of the abductions.

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The University of Bamenda is yet to make any official statement.

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