Buea, the town of legendary hospitality has a new name

It was a festive Buea council today Tuesday 18th December 2018 as passersby and onlookers were attracted by the beautiful dance steps of different dance groups which animated the council building

The ceremony was the twin session of the Buea Council. Amongst the highlights of the First and Second Ordinary Session, was the examination and adoption of the 2017 Administrative, Management and Stores Management Accounts as well as the adoption of the sum of Two Billion, Five hundred million FCFA  (2.500.000.000) as budget for the 2019 Financial year.

The name town of legendary hospitality was also changed to by the plenary session of the session to simply “Buea, The City of Excellence”

The new slogan was adopted in plenary by councilors present

It should be noted that the slogan “the city of legendary hospitality was coined  by former adminstartion under the leadership of fomer mayor,SenatorMbella Moki Charles

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