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The fall of General Ivo: The “terrorist” who taught us so many good things

When news quickly went wild on social media about the death of Ambazonian most feared ground fighters Mbah Ivo famously known as general Ivo, the entire Anglophone region and diaspora population went to a media overdrive

As government security forces who killed arguably Cameroon’s most wanted man in his base in Teke brandished his lifeless body on social media, tributes, condemnation and accusation was pouring from the other side of the divide.

But why won’t they brandish his corpse. They couldn’t have imagined a better Christmases gift that the dead of a man who has caused them so much headache

For the government, he was a terrorists accused of causing the military pain especially in Batibo and Muyenge. Many though he was invincible as rumors about his death had circulated on social media before even as they turn out to be untrue.

For secessionist’s leaders and those fighting for power, he was their tool back home. They used him to settled scores with other armed fighters on ground Zero, wage a merciless war against the country’s military, kidnap top government officials and students further fueling instability and security problems back home as they fly from one western capitals to another.

But for many ordinary Cameroonians especially those from the restive Anglophone regions who believe  they have been living in their own country as second class citizens as the French dominated government is heavily bias against them, general Ivo was a hero and a reflection of the Anglophone culture they are clamoring for –servant leadership

The slain fighter was no doubt a controversial figure as his blind loyalty to his bosses abroad forced him to commit many mistakes back home and probably led to his humiliating fall from “grace”

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But for a young man who abandons his promising career, move into the bushes, pick up arms to fight for the freedom of his people, Ivo demonstrated a rare spirit of selflessness and bravery even though his energies could have been used more purposefully.

In his message of tribute to the fallen fighter, renowned journalist and media personality Ellie Smith writes “Ivo caught everyone with his simplistic way and manner that he addressed the current crisis. He would have made or been an excellent……A talented young man has violently bowed out of the scene and those who pushed him to commit errors are pouring praises on him. It is worthless and hypocritical “

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