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Double standards: Public outcry as government swiftly responds to Bangourain attack

The government of Cameroon has come under heavy criticism over its prompt handling of the Bangourain attack, in west region of the country

Minister Paul Atanga Nji led special a consignment of building materials from the head of state to the village in the West region after it came under attacked from men allegedly belonging to the Ambazonian armed separatists movement

The attack which took place on the night of Sunday December 24 2018 left many houses burnt and many persons kidnapped in a rare cross border attack since the start of the Anglophone crisis in 2016

Local authorities there say over 300 armed men had crossed into the villages overnight, burnt over 86 houses and kidnapped at least villagers.

Security has been beef-up in the area and search and rescue operation to free the hostages has been launched, the governor said in a statement

Minister Paul Atanga Nji of territorial administration was visiting with cement, roofing sheets and other building materials to hand over the villages that have lost houses due to the attack.

The move comes just two days after the attack on the “Francophone village”, prompting public outcry especially from the Anglophones who say many villages have been burnt in the crisis hit regions but nothing has ever been done till date.

Images of Anglophone children celebrating Christmas in bushes due to the war has shocked many and flooded social media, punctuated by fighting between armed separatists and government forces which has paralyzed celebrations in some parts of the affected regions

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Many attributes governments speedy response to the reconstruction efforts there due to the fact that it’s a francophone region, epitomizing the institutional marginalization Anglophones have been agitating about, given bed to the now Anglophone crisis ravaging the country

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