Cameroon:Making sense of 2018 in 400 words

The year 2018 has been an exhaustive one. The Anglophone crisis worsened as armed separatists stepped up attacks against government facilities and soldiers as well as taking their kidnaping figures to record high with students being their latest victims sinking to a new low as no one was spared, not even traditional rulers. Let’s not forget their incarcerated leaders were finally seen by public too.

There was also a cabinet reshuffle-partial one though, it brought to light some “new” faces in government as some Anglophones held positions they had never held before, Nalova and Atanga Nji were the big winners it seemed.

What about elections, there were more than one, first the senate where CPDM swept almost everything, surrendering only 7 out of the 100 senators to SDF. Municipal and legislative elections were due too, but were postponed to 2019.

Then came the Presidential elections on October 7th which kept the nation talking for months, low turnout across the country, massive and unprecedented  boycott in Anglophone regions due to Ambazonian threats, the rise of Kamto and the demise of the SDF and as expected,  a massive victory for the ruling CPDM. But that was not all, there were an avalanche of petitions at the constitutional council and as expected, they were all rejected.

What about AFCON, the debate over who will host was finally settled too. Cameroon lost the hosting rights in a shocking twist of events.

And then there was the economy, experts predicted an imminent devaluation of francs CFA, it never happened, CEMAC stood firm and avoided what could have been an economic nightmare.

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And how can we forget the Tumi-led peace plan which was supposed to start the process of finding lasting peace for the crisis, strangely government and secessionists agreed to disagree about the planned conference and killed it before it came to light-may be next year, maybe not.

Oppssss….I almost forgot, the Mimi Mefor saga, Equinoxe journalist and blogger Mimi Mefor rallied press corps in the country like never before after her incarceration, forcing the government to release her and throw her case file to the trash bin….it was highly dubbed a win for the press, but for how long, edng

And finally Eding sport won Cameroon’s cup in a final played in Yaoundé in front of the head of state to close the sporting season.

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