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Editorial: Why we must be worried of the ISIS-styled execution which happened in Bamenda

Reports of panic and combustion in the heart of Bamenda, the capital of North West region quickly went viral on social media as it is customary since the start of the Anglophone crisis in 2016.

News of a soldier’s head haven’t been chopped-off from the rest if  his body and hung in a popular travellers neighborhood sparked a massive military responds in the town, causing fears  among denizens as the military scrambles to bring the perpetrators of such heinous acts to justice

Images of denizens walking the streets with their hands up on orders from the military flooded social media on Friday December 28th 2018.

There were also reports of gunshots in some neighborhoods, even though no other casualty has been reported

Fighters belong to the Ambazonian armed movement are suspected to have carried out the crime at the heart of Cameroon’s third largest city and opposition stronghold, sitting at the center of this crisis with fighting in the city almost a weekly occurrence

Killing of civilians or military personnel in Bamenda or any other major town or village in the restive Anglophone regions of South West and North West regions unfortunately is  no news given the regrettable surge in number of deaths in the regions as the crisis worsens

But the gruesome means used to execute fighters as well as military in some areas has been frightening to the core, bringing to the fore horror images traditionally seen on television screens emanating  from ISIS controlled territories during their glorious days in Iraq and Syria.

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Beheading of enemies irrespective of the motives has been a move closely linked with terrorists around the globe and civilized governments have frown at such executions in the past and are fighting tirelessly to end them.

Reports of such executions have been reported in remote villages before (a soldier was reportedly chopped off into pieces in Tole, Buea South west region back in November by separatists force) and images have been filtering to meet those in urban areas and the rest of the world

The latest execution where a military officer allegedly belonging to an Cameroon air force of Anglophone origin has renewed fears of a horrible 2019 if nothing is concretely done to resolve the close to three years conflict which has killed more than 400 civilians, displaced tens of thousands and seen many villages razed to ashes.

Even though TeboPost cannot independently confirm the identity of the slain Cameroonian in the heart of one of the country’s most civilized cities, the echoes are troubling and the message scaring.

In a crisis which has already crossed so many dangerous thresholds as entire villages has reportedly been burn, civilians killed at close range, many unlawfully detained and tortured according to rights groups Amnesty international, such inhumane killing only sets a new low and dangerous precedence for a conflict showing no sign of slowing down.

The latest incident in Bangourain, West region of the country on December 26th 2018 where armed groups burnt down more than 87 houses, kidnapped 15 villagers and killed one person has sparked retaliation from villagers to Anglophone population residing in the Francophone village; sparking fears of what many now say is a looming Rwandan-styled genocide in the country reflects the troubling state of the union.

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