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Embattled Ambazonian leaders scramble to unite after crushing defeats on Ground zero

Leaders of the Ambazonian movement are struggling to put a united front after months of infighting and political witch hunt among their ranks.

Some of the leaders, most of who are on self-imposed exile abroad have been issuing statements of apologies on social media, calling for unity as the year draws to an end.

The unity campaign launched by estranged leaders comes on the backdrop of accusations and counter accusations by different factions of the movement of power grip and legitimacy

Tapang Ivo and his boss, Ayaba Cho Lucas has been fighting the so called Interim Government (IG) for leadership of the movement and control of ground forces.

The power struggled has spilled over from their hide outs abroad into the social media leaving their followers in shock and disbelieve

The power tussle has also been felt on the ground, as their poorly equipped fighters have suffered massive losses in recent months I the hands of a resurgent and determined army

Tapang’s latest online apology where he called for unity in a seemingly toxic political circle as expected has been greeted with mixed feelings on social media as many say he can no longer be accepted to the folds

His apology comes barely few days to the end of 2018 and week after their battlefield commander, general Ivo was humiliatingly killed in his base in Teke

Before his deaths, there have been reports of infighting among ground fighters loyal to different factions of the movement abroad.

General Ivo had been a loyal supporter of Ayaba Cho and leads the dreaded ADF.

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Different armed groups have been fighting on the ground against the country’s military for what they say is their right for independent in a fierce campaign which has lasted over two years now

Many civilians have died and tens of thousands displaced as the conflict popularly known as Anglophone crisis rages on

The government has vowed to continue its military campaign to wipe the regions of what it calls terrorists despite massive calls from home and abroad for dialogue.

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