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End of year conundrum: Three Presidents, three speeches, one republic

It’s the end of year again, December 31st, the day people the world over prepare with anxiety and love to cross over into a new year

It is usually characterized by massive celebrations across the globe as world citizens celebrate their moving into the New Year

It is also a day many head of states across the glove give their traditional end of year speeches to their people.

The tradition is not different in Cameroon if anything it’s even much more anticipated. The media shy president of the republic Paul Biya hardly talks to hos citizens, at least not directly even though his social media account has been busy lately

The New Year offers him the rare opportunity to evaluate his achievements for the past year, difficulties, and brings to bear the state of our very own union whose foundations are shaky with a troubling crisis in North West and South West regions.

The president of the republic Paul Biya will use this opportunity to dive into the New Year, rollout some of the plans he has for Cameroonians in 2019 and most certainly enjoined his countrymen to work for a prosperous and better Cameroon.

But this 2018 is proving to be a year like no other. With heavy gun battles ongoing in the now contested North West and South regions of the country as separatist’s fighters seek independence in those regions, the realities are different

The end of year also comes in the backdrop of heavily contested October 7th presidential elections where Biya was declared winner by the constitutional council with over 72% of the votes, a result which the frontrunner has refused to accept till date

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As world leaders prepare to address their people this day, TeboPost gathers that Samuel Sako,, President of the so called Ambazonian Interim government will also be addressing the people of Ambazonian by 8Pm

Defiant Maurice kamto who was runner-up in the October 7th polls is also scheduled to address the people of Cameroon this day even though both leaders lack the legitimacy to do so

While the entire nation will be earnestly focus to hear what the 85 years old leader has for the people, political observers and some Cameroonians will also be glue on their smartphones and TV screens to listen to Sako and kamto in order to make sense of 2019 which is already promises to be a toxic political year in the Central African giant.

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