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Visibly younger Biya ignores call for dialogue and vows to neutralize warmongers in end of year message

In one of the three speeches expected from three different political figures of Cameroon, the President of the Republic Paul Biya has vowed to neutralize what he calls “entrepreneurs of wars” in the restive regions of NW and South West.

Speaking at 8Pm local time on national television and radio, the head of state detailed difficulties the country has faced in the past and states measures he has taken to resolve them in his 36 years in charge.

He mentioned the economic crisis of 1990, the falling price of oil in the world market , his grand ambition, grand realization and Cameroon of greater opportunities projects, many of which experts say have been ineffective to solve the numerous problem in the country

He did talk about the stable situation in the far north of the country where the nation has been battling Boko haram terrorists there; acknowledging the fact that the military has contained the threats there and the situation is under control

Concerning the much talk about and anticipated solution to the troubling Anglophone crisis, the president said he has created disarmament commission under the powers of the prime minister to help integrate victims of the war.

He also vowed to neutralize what he terms warmongers in the restive Anglophone regions as he went ahead to add that the situation there will soon end.

The president says he is sensitive to worries of Anglophones and their safely .Adding that” I am well aware of the troubles  these rebels are causing to the population of these regions’ before concluding that it such pain is unacceptable

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