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January 4th Cabinet shakeup: The tsunami which never happened

The long awaited cabinet shakeup is finally here. January 4th 2019, the president of the republic singed multiple decrees, reorganizing the government in what was a highly anticipated shakeup.

The ball was set rolling around 5PM when the decree appointing long time government minister and Ndian born Chief Dr. Dion Ngute to replace Philemon Yang as the country’s new prime minister

Today, I signed a decree appointing Mr Dion Ngute Joseph as Prime Minister, Head of Government.#PaulBiya#Cameroon— President Paul BIYA (@PR_Paul_BIYA) January 4, 2019

But barely two hours after the appointment of the nee PM, were Cameroonians greeted with yet another decrees, appointing new ministers and other top signatories in a shakeup which has rattled observers and shocked Cameroonians.

The latest presidential decrees today did not come as a surprise given that many had been anticipating and waiting for the lists, but the names did disappoint.

Apart from the replacement of Prime Minister Philemon yang, the rest of the appointments shock Cameroonians as the 85 years old leader recycles once again at a time many had though the shakeup will see historic with the coming in of more youths and women.

But while Yang’s sacking was imminent and widely expected, his successor’s appointment came as a surprise to political observers in the country.

Many names had been floated on social media who were destined to be the new PM and at no one time was the seasoned diplomat on the multiple lists which came out

Apart from his shocking appointment as PM, the recycling of ministers whom many say have been a textbook example of administrative failure confirms the government inability to bring the kind of change needed by the people

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In a appalling decision, minsters indicted for orchestrating Cameroon’s embarrassing loss of AFCON 2019 hosting rights due to corrupt practices were rather upgraded in ranks while others were simply swapped between different ministerial buildings in the nation’s political capital.

While some names in the list might be newcomer ministers, the names within the ranks and files of the ruling CPDM is anything but new.

Former SONARA GM Ibrahim Talba Malla replaced Abba Sadou at public contacts, a ministry describe as the most corrupt institution in the country for 2018 according to reports was one of the new ministers

While MOMO Jean de Dieu, the leader of the infamous G20 (a group of 20 infamous opposition who supported Biya in October 7 polls) was also compensated for his loyalty to the regime with the position of minister delegate at the ministry of justice as one of the newcomers.

But while two women were brought in for the partial shakeup, no youth was appointed while most of the positions in the government remained unchanged with Fame Ndongo and Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh promoted to ministers of state.

Below are the full lists of ministers appointed during the January 4 cabinet shakeup

Ministre d’etat de l’enseignement supérieur Fame Ndongo

Ministre des arts et de la culture Bidpung kwat Minac

Me Mimi Jean De Dieu Ministre Délégué auprès du Ministre de la justice

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Ministre des marchés publics talba malla

Ministre des domaines du cadastre Eyebe Ayissi

Ministre de la communication Sadi René

Ministre de l’éducation de base Etoundi ngoa

Ministre de l’emploi Issa Tchiroma

Ministre des mines Dodo ndocke

Ministre de l’habitat Ketcha courtes

Ministre des PME Basselekin

Santé publique Malaouda

Ministre des Sports Mouelle kombi

Ministre chargé de mission à la Prc Ndong Soumhet Benoît…

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