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Dion Ngute for prime minister: It could only have been him

Very few saw this coming. The paramount ruler of the of the Barombi tribe, Ndian division South West region is the latest privileged Cameroonian to be appointment occupant of the star building

Dion Ngute’s appointment as the country’s new premier comes as a massive surprise and shock to political observers and pundits

But his appointment once again reflects the unpredictability nature of the President Biya as he rubbished those who think they have firsthand information on potential new government

 His sudden surge to the pyramid of political glory of an Anglophone politician wasn’t predicted even by those who had ears at Etoudi

For all intent and purpose, many names and lists have been floated on social media as political observers and experts had on many occasions made public their own government in what was an inevitable cabinet shakeup.

Minister Elung Paul Che, Biya’s confident Paul Atanga Nji and even Fuh Jonathan have all been floated as the potential replacement of Yang. Minister Elung Paul Che was seen as the hot favorite to succeed Yang.

But while the seasoned diplomat and negotiator might not be as toxic as other names mentioned in the social media lists, his only crime might just be that he has been cozy to the ruling party, even though his CV makes him the best candidate for the job at this crucial moment of the country’s history.

He has largely remain on the sideline during the two years crisis, resists the temptation of making inflammatory statements like some ministers and government bigwigs and his name might nor resonate across the Anglophone world- a plus at this point for any acreer polititician

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 Ngute comes at a time the country is in dire need of an appointment reminiscent of his own, and Biya could not have gotten it better.

The Anglophone crisis in his native South West and North West region is threatening to divide the country in pieces, pitting the country’s people between linguisticaand cultural divide and eroding any trust left on their leaders.

The razing down of his house last night prior to his appointment in his native Barombi must have emphasize the kind of challenges he would face if he had not already known before now

Working at the heart of the ministry of external relations for close to 20 years, the career diplomat is no stranger to the Anglophone crisis, his most urgent file

As member of the U.N. sponsored Cameroon / Nigeria Mixed Commission who participated in the negotiations leading to the implementation of the I.C.J decision on the boundary dispute between Cameroon and Nigeria of October 10, 2002, the South West born will certainly needs to use his wealth of experience to bring back Ambazonian from the bushes and lead negotiations with separatist leaders on b of behalf of the government

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