Biya task his bloated government to drive Cameroon to greater opportunities

The president of the republic Paul Biya rallied his council of ministers at his paradise unity palace in the nation’s capital Yaoundé to give them directives on as they assume their functions

The meeting which took place on January 16th 2019 comes barely twelve days after the January 4 partial cabinet shakeup with the introduction of a new prime minister.

In his council of ministers meeting which he rarely holds, the 85 years old gave the opportunity for some ministers to meet him face to face and shake hands with their boss in a rare moment of political adulation

According to information on the website of the President of the republic” The President of the Republic dwelt at length on priority areas such as the attainment of economic emergence, youth empowerment, decentralization, peace, security and unity”

Many however are in doubt if this government can deliver on the task bestowed on them given their history of dismal failures in the past

With over 60 ministers and person ranking as such, many consider the Biya’s government a burden to the state and say their sheer numbers is the very reason they have been failing foe the past 37 years.

But the “greater opportunities” government is faced with historic and monumental challenges like never before.

With insecurity affecting 7 out of 10 regions of the country with the Anglophone crisis the most troubling as many continue to die and thousands still displaced, one would naturally expect the expectations to be sky high

Many Cameroonians have in all honesty have lost faith in their government. Marred by rampant corruption and embezzlement, many projects in the country have simply been killed as funds are swindled away to foreign banks

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The fight against corruption has been ineffective and critics have accused the state of political witchunt rather than genuine efforts to combat the cankerworm and the malice is showing no sign of stopping

As the new minister take up their functions in the nation’s capital, it’s a political deja vu for many Cameroonians who believe change cannot come through this government but are powerless to choose another

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