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“I’m not decent dresser, I just didn’t have the means to buy provocative attire then”- Daphne tells worrying fans

Cameroon’s fastest growing female singer Daphne has taken to social media to dismiss claims from her fans that she has changed to follow the industry’s trend

The calee singer who has come under public scrutiny in recent months took to Facebook on February 28th 2018 to deny allegations that she has changed, saying she just did not have the money to buy the kind of costume she uses now back then

The singer writes “People always saying I’ve changed or i’m being influenced by circumstances. I showed who I was from the very beginning but maybe because of my personality you forget so soon. I never came into the industry as a decent dresser but not as a whole lot either.

And with little means I could not even afford some of the really provocative attires I loved.I remember in form 5, my uncle burnt all my skirts because he said they were too short, How in church people thought I was sinful because I dyed my hair and wore short clothes even though I was innocent at the time.

I was just a naive girl by heart but I wanted to do Music the way loved to without being afraid of being mixture of sexy, sensuality and anything else I wanted to be.”


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