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Canal D’or 2019: Daphne demean Anglophones in front of Chantal Biya in a shocking award speech

The 12 edition of the famous Canal D’or is over and reverberations of the award night are still making waves on social media

As award which seeks to celebrate entertainers in the country, canal D’or has been the center piece of elite gathering of entertainers in the country every year

Graced by the first lady and bench of government ministers who usually trail her, the award is arguably the most prestigious award in the country and the dream of any entertainer to win a prize there.

The 12th edition which took place at the famous Yaoundé Conference center yesterday 9th March 2019 was no different in ambiance and colors

Designers, politicians and the who is who in the country’s growing entertainment industry struggled for apace in the beautiful and renovated hall.

While Anglophone A list stars backed home most of the awards of the nights as famous names like Nkeng Stephens, Mr Leo, Daphne, all backed home prices, the celebs failed to advance the course of the suffering masses back home which as forced most of them to relocate to Douala due to insecurity

But the biggest of them all was artists Daphne who won four awards including the much coveted best female musician of the year, an award which has never be won by an artists from English speaking part of the country in the award’s 1 years history

Daphne’s biggest moments also came with big expectation as many saw the opportunity as a moment of glory. But the calee singer failed to satisfy and gave a brief uninspiring speech.

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Congrats to Daphne2 but you failed to use the big stage to make meaning of it ….her speech as best female artist was disgraceful and belittling to English speaking Cameroonians

At a time where her brothers, sisters and mothers are in the bushes, many dying of bullet wounds as the Anglophone crisis worsens, what better stage would she have craved for than the one she had last night  in front of the first lady.

She had a golden opportunity to bring their plight to the world as a woman before being an artist.

She embarrassingly and naively said if they had told her an Anglophone would one day  win that category should wouldn’t have believed, as if to say Canal D’or is a “national” course. She also  went ahead to ignorantly shout “Anglophone  oyeah”

Critics say she would have used the moments to add her voice on the plights of Anglophones especially women and young girls who continue to suffer the most in front of the mother of the nation and


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