Kamto’s Geneva-bound French lawyer makes another surprise declaration in Yaoundé

During a press conference in Yaounde on Saturday March 16, Kamto’s French lawyer Barrister Moretti said his client was ready to meet with Paul Biya for both men to find a way out.

Barrister Dupont Moretti who arrived Cameroon at the weekend said he had met Maurice Kamto on Saturday morning and his client is in high spirits.

He however frowned at prosecutors at the Yaounde military tribunal whom he said could not brief him exactly on the matter.

The renowned French lawyer who is famous for his record numbers of acquittals in French territories had earlier warned Yaoundé that they will meet in Geneva as he battles to free his client whom many consider as political prisoner.

Maurice Kamto and close to 200 supporters of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement have been behind bars since January 28 for staging protest, considered illegal by the government, across some cities in Cameroon and the diaspora

There have been widespread calls including from US and EU for his release but government insists they are not political prisoners and will face due legal process.

Yaoundé now faces mounting pressure to release the runners p of the October 2018 polls .

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