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Anglophone crisis: Misery at Buea-Kumba highway resurfaces Again

Elements of the Rapid Intervention Batallion, BIR on Tuesday rescued about 80 passengers who were kidnapped by unidentified gunmen along the Buea-Kumba road.

A security source confirmed all the passengers had been released after an operation was launched immediately after their abduction and confirmed none was harmed though most of them lost valuable items.

The passengers who were travelling in commuters and mini buses were stopped just after Muyuka and all ordered to step down and were later taken to the bushes were their valuable items like phones and money were seized from them.

This paralyzed traffic along the Buea-Kumba highway alerting defense forces who immediately launched a search and rescue operation and succeeded to rescue the passengers before clearing the road.

The rescue mission went deep into Wednesday as gunshots were heard in Muyuka but it is difficult to determine if there were casualties

This is not the first time the highway is witnessing frightening scenes

Buea-Kumba highway is one of the most vulnerable roads in the country ever since the Anglophone crisis escalated to an armed conflict.

It has come under firepower of armed groups and military on countless times

In June 2018, the armed groups mounted a road block and stop vehicles from using the road for more than a week in what was a major embarrassment for the government

Still in June, villages along the affected Buea-Kumba highway launched what they called “operation stoning” vehicles as a way to express their anger and frustration at the government and armed groups for bringing to bear so much pain as fighting ravages on

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In December 2018, armed groups disrupt traffic along the highway which goes right into neighboring Nigeria, frustration passengers who were stranded for days in Buea and kumba as fighting goes on

Many persons have been kidnaped temporary in the past by the armed groups and taken to the bushes where their valuables have been seized by the armed groups who say they are fighting for restoration of their statehood called Ambazonia

In February 2019, the governor of south West region Benard Okalia Bilai and his convoy suffered a twin attack along the highway, leaving 11 persons injured and the governor unharmed

The attacked was repelled by the country’s army guarding the convoy as he went visiting a recently burnt government hospital in kumba with patients inside

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