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Scars of a revolution? 20 abducted UB footballers have been freed but…



All 20 UB players recently abducted by Ambazonian fighters have been released.

Their release was thanks in part to the SW Branch of the National Commissions for Human Rights and Freedoms .HiTV sources said

All 20 were released this evening 21st March 2019 with huge scars on some of their body allegedly from torture during their stay with the so called restoration forces

On Wednesday, 20 footballers of the UB football team were kidnapped this morning. The news which broke out in the early hours of morning at the main football stadium of the University of Buea popularly known as “Wembley”

The footballers who were taken by unknown men during their regular training session

The arrest of the student footballers which came barely an hour after the coach of YOSA was kidnapped and later freed has sparked rumors that the armed men have launched a war on sports

According to some activist of the “struggle”, people cannot be playing sports in the region while many continue to die

Some activists had touted the complete ban of all major sporting activities in the two affected regions of South West and North West in some of their social media outings.

But even as the so called Ambazonian interim government is yet to make a decision on whether to add sporting activities to their now long lists of the DONTS n the crisis ravaged regions, their ground fighters seem to be eager to flex their muscles  on sports men and women on the ground

While it is not known if any ransom was paid by the families of the affected student footballers, the scars left on some of them will serve as a constant reminder that our beloved nation is at war and with itself even as no one knows what the future holds for sports in the two English speaking regions of the country

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Kumba government delegate copies bad example



Kumba government delegate, Nkelle Ngoh Victor wakes up from sleep, seals shops at the Kumba Main market. He says the decision is to punish the traders for respecting a lock down imposed by separatist fighters.

The traders are to pay 25000f cfa each to gain access to their shops. The action of the heavily armed government delegate who looks tired comes amidst a one week lockdown observed across the entire Anglophone regions which has hampered back to school efforts.

Separatists had called  for one week lockdown to protest the sentencing of their leaders Sissikou and Co and to frustrate back to school efforts by government and pro school activists

The move by the Government delegate of the Kumba Ciry council is not new within the context of the Anglophone crisis

The government Delegate of Bamenda City Council and the combative mayor of Buea have all employed similar tactics in the past but failed to change course on the field

Mayor Ekema historically sealed more than 800 shops in his city, seized hundreds of thousands and forced businesses to sign undertaking promising to defy ghost towns and lockdowns

His efforts have failed to resonate across his municipality, with many in the town still respecting the separatists imposed ghost towns much to the shagrin of the politicians

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Lockdown and be shutdown: Ekema warns business owners in a nervy Buea



The lord mayor of Buea municipality Ekema Patrick Esunge has called on the business owners, transporters and denizens of the municipality to go about their normal activities and shun calls for lockdown from “unknown men”

The Lord Mayor made the call through a communiqué today 4th April 2019 after his municipality was heavily affected by the controversial 10 days lockdown imposed by gun men fighting for the restoration of their statehood called Ambazonia

In a communiqué issued today April 4th 2019, the landlord of Buea municipality seem to be using both hard and soft powers, calling on denizens to ignore the call while  waning business owners of the town to remain open or risk having their businesses shutdown for 30 days

The latest threat from a mayor who historically sealed over 800 shops and businesses last year for respecting ghost town left many confused as armed separatists are promising dire consequences should any one violate the ban

Critics of the mayor say he is only fueling tension in the town and putting his own people at risk given the erratic nature of the fighters and their previous history of enforcing their rule.

His supporters however say the move is needed to reign order in the town and take back control from increasingly authoritarian armed groups

Ambazonian armed groups had declared a 10 days lockdown in Fako to frustrate the organization of the Lime Festival of Arts and Culture FESTAC 2019 which begins from the 6-13 of April 2019

The ten days lock down have been heavily criticized by the population and right activists

While there were gunshots in Mile 16, Muea and Mile 17 within the past 24 hours halting activities within the Buea municipality, the municipality of Limbe which happens to be the host of the cultural festival has largely remain calm as denizens there go about their daily activities.

It remains to be seen how the business owners will react to the mayor’s latest move


See communique

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CERAC snubs suffering Anglophone population at their Dec 19 General Assembly



Members of the Chantal Biya-led circle of friends in Cameroon-CERAC have resolved to step up Humanitarian assistance that they provide to vulnerable rural women and youth around the country.

This is one of the resolutions taken at the General assembly of the association that took place in Yaoundé on December 19th 2018 in the presence First Lady Chantal Biya.  

An initiative of Mrs Chantal Biya, Founding President of CERAC, to take an active part in the development of Cameroon by delivering much-needed assistance to the most vulnerable groups many would have thought that the suffering masses in the Anglophone regions would have been their top worry.

But the elite group of women who comprisewives of Ambassadors and High Commissioners accredited to Cameroon, members of government and persons ranking as such, officials of public and semi-public companies, wives of members of government, elected officer rather chose to focus on national humanitarian assistance to rural women and youth.

Many believe the group is following government policy which many have described as failing and ineffective to resolve the crisis.

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