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Ambazonia fighters build Trump-like wall in Bafut

Armed separatists fighting for the restoration of their statehood called Ambazonian have erected giant walls in Bafut sub division, North West region of the country.

The armed civilian there  fighters fondly called “7 kata fighters” erected walls dividing the  highway in the villages of Chum and Akyati in the North West region in a bite to frustrate the army’s advance.

The piece of engineering from the armed civilians have rubbished critics who say those carrying armed in the affected Anglophone regions are uneducated youths who were into drugs and have been lured into fighting by diaspora.

The wall which seeks to cut off division from the rest of the region fits into the kind of US President Trump’s narrative to cut off United Sates from the rest of the world with the controversial US-Mexico border wall to curb the flow of illegal immigrants in is paradise nation.

Bafut has been of the most affected areas since the start of the crisis. The sub division has witnessed multiple gun battles in the past as the armed civilian fighters there have put up a brave resistance faced with a rude less and well equipped modern army.

Reports in the town say many of its inhabitants now live in nearby bushes as the small touristic town with a domestic airport (the only operational in the two affected regions) has been abandoned both by tourists and its own indigenes.

And many say the building of the wall will only add to the untold suffering by the remaining people there.

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Crisis broke out in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon since 2016 following peaceful protests by lawyers and teachers

The crisis quickly moved to an armed conflict which has killed over hundreds of persons including civilians

Rights group say more than 80 villages have been burnt and more than 50 000 persons displaced both at home and in neighboring countries

The government has taken some measures to solve some of the e grievances raised by the striking teachers and lawyers but activists say it’s not enough and want a referendum to decide their future state

The government has insisted the nature of the state cannot be negotiated and has shunned calls from home and abroad for an all-inclusive dialogue to end the crisis.

President Biya had threatened to crush armed civilian fighters who are not willing to lay down their arms. He has also created a disarmament commission to help convince fighters to drop their weapons and be integrated to normal life.

He has never visited the affected regions since the fighting started.

Critics say most of the government solutions are cosmetic and adds that government has no real intention to solve the 3 years old conflict

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