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It’s Judith Yah’s time in CAMTEL: The lone appointment Biya got it right?

Describe as a disciplinarian with a pragmatic leadership approach, the newly appointed General Manager of Cameroon’s telecommunications giant, CAMTEL is flying in her new role.

Her appointment on December 04 2018 by the President of the republic to lead one of the biggest companies in the country marked another milestone for women as she queues behind some of the outstanding women in the country who have won the admiration and confidence of the country’s 86 years old leader in the past.

Trained in Canada and Cameroon, the 53 years old who has steadily climbed the CAMTEL ladder over the years was describe by Cameroon tribune as “development oriented lady with a rich professional background during her appointment.

The former regional director of CAMTE takes over the helm of a telecom company marred by customer service crisis, rampant corruption and unstable network in the country but yet nurture global ambitions.

For a company like CAMTL which seeks to establish out of the borders of Cameroon, there was the urgent need for change of top management and discipline imstalled

Judith Yah Sunday epse Achidi’s 25 years of governance made her fit for the job and when the country’s commander in chief came calling, the Loum born answered and committed to anchor a company whose global ambitions were sinking

Her first 100 days in office has already justified her appointment and making her the most talk about public service manager in the past three months.

Her first action as the new CAMTEL boss was to rein order in an organization marred by galloping absenteeism, embarrassing late coming, and rampant corruption and exhibits a text book example of a horrible customer service

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The 53 years old did what is rarely done in the country’s parastatals, firing over 50 workers in a two part series for different offenses many could barely imagine

She promised hell to stubborn workers while embracing the hardworking ones at the same time in a management style which has been heavily applauded even by her critics.

The 53 years old also took immediate steps to curb unnecessary spending within the company by reducing number of directors and sub directors within the organization to ash into much needed cash necessary for expansion of the state owned company.

She recently flew to China to negotiate deals that will enable the corporation acquire cheap and affordable terminals for Cameroon market vis a vis the revenue level of the country

She has stated her commitment to oversee the regular supply of quality products (phones, mobile internet modems, fiber optic and copper cables for land lines) which in turn will render the company prompt in delivering services to its clients.

Bu in a country which strives in inertia and corruption, the bulldozer lady has undoubtedly faced some pockets of resistance within the company in her drive to cleanup-up the house

There were reports of friction between the new GM and the recently appointed Board chairman of the company recently even though top management was quick to dismiss the news and says the administration is working flawlessly


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