Watch Video: Nfon Mukete goes the Wirba way, rubbishes tradition in dormant senate

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Cameroon’s eldest Member of Parliament and paramount ruler of the Bafaws Nfon V.E Mukete has finally broken the silence in a much talk about speech at the upper house of parliament on Friday April 6th 2019.

The 102 years old CPDM baron who is serving his second mandate as senator says his people are suffering and dying and Yaoundé cannot continue to play games.

“I am talking with tears, I am over 100 years old….let us have honesty, integrity and justice” he said

In a brief video  which has gone wild on social media, the CPDM statesman blames the policies of the government which he says has fueled the crisis and adds that , each of the ten regions should be given the autonomy to carry out their activities

 “Each of the 10 regions of the country is richly blessed” the ageing Senator of the ruling party said as he moves back and forth around the microphone at the senate’s floor

“Let the people and the regions be able to manage their own services like health care and development” he continued in what many says is a call for 10 state federation

His speech at the upper house is coming some three years since the start of the Anglophone crisis and his critics says it’s too little to late

“I love this country so much and I fought for it reunification” chief Mukete wept, but many now think it’s because of people like Nfon Mukete that they are suffering at the moment

Some has  however embraced the move coming from the elder statesman, saying more voices from within the ruling CPDM is needed for meaningful actions to be taken to resolve the dispute which has killed so  many and robbed the country the relative  peace its once enjoy.

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Strangely enough, while the Anglophone crisis has been debated in faraway Britain, Canada and even German parliaments, Cameroon CPDM led lower and upper houses have refused to debate the issue

Ruling party MPs and senators who hugely dominates both houses have snubbed the crisis which has forced many of them to be refugees in Yaoundé as many fear to be at odds with the executive they were elected to keep on check

They have chosen the government line as the people continue to suffer in what many now say is a textbook example of a legislative failure in modern times

In December 2016 during the start of the crisis, opposition MP Joseph Wirba did what no one has ever done in the country’s p rubber stamp parliament.

The self-addressed Nso warrior defiled house speaker and took the rostrum of the lower house hostage to press the Anglophone case.

His defiant speech in parliament punctuated with constant verbal muscling with the house speaker quickly went wild on social media and made him an instant hero in the English speaking parts of the country, endearing him in the hearts of many

Hon. Wirba will later go on self-imposed exile to Uk after claiming the government was after him

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