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An opportunist or a political force? Iron lady Kah Walla pulls the sword

The leader of Cameroon’s CPP opposition party Edith kah Walla has responded fiercely to her critics in audio which has been making waves online.

The defiant politician and fierce critics of the Biya regime say she holds the “Biya regime culpable” for all sorts of abomination committed during the course of the Anglophone crisis, but however, says armed groups have not been saints either.

“Biya Regime holds 100% of the blame for the instigation and the escalation of the crisis. The Biya Regime refused to dialogue, refused to address fundamental problems and responded to non-violent protests with violence and killing.” She said in part

“The fact that the Biya Regime is absolutely culpable does not negate the fact that those who decided to take up arms to fight for independence misled and lied to the population from Day 1 and have continued to do so for the past 3 years” she continued in a defiant audio

She went further to decry the fact that, it’s “inconceivable to her to see those who want change use the same tactics of lies, intimidation…..” to achieve their goals

But her clarification has failed to keep her away from the spotlight which some say she is an opportunist who wants to gain fame and position on the blood of killed Anglophones

“Kah wala is looking for position over the blood of innocents Anglophones killed by brutal dictator Biya. She is juda.” One social media Maurice Awah wrote on Facebook as the Douala based politician receives a barrage of criticism and death threats

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Read her full statement


Kah Walla came under the Amba sword three days ago after a video snippet of her address at Geoerge Washington Institute for African Studies surfaced on social media

In what secessionists say is a lame duck attempt by the former Fru Ndi’s protégé to put the blame of the armed conflict on their ground fighters, Kah Walla was threatened and dubbed “sellout”

Activists and proponents of secession took to social media to chastise the politician and called for her arrest by ground fighters if she ever steps foot on ground zero

But in her defiant audio, the no-nonsense Kah walla hits back says ” I have fought one oppressor in the person of Mr. Biya and his regime for decades, I will certainly not be afraid of Facebook oppressors living thousands of miles from the people they say they are fighting for, or any other oppressors in whatever form they may come.”

She reiterated her position for Federalism to resolve the crisis and vows to visit the affected Anglophone regions once she steps foot in the country.


Kah Wallah for the past years has been one of the most vocal critics of the Biya regime and the most prominent female opposition leader in the country

She refused to run for the 2018 Presidential elections to protests the deaths of civilians during the course of the Anglophone crisis and has been actively involved in political discussions to resolve the crisis



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