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“We will arrest you because you have committed a grave sin”-Bareta tells Kah Walla



In a hastily organized live Facebook show, Ambazonia activists and CEO of Bareta news Mark Bareta has reprimanded opposition leader Edith Kah Walla for her comments against armed civilian fighters in Anglophone regions

The Belgium based social media warlord and one of the leaders of the secessionist’s movement has warned the opposition leader that she will be arrested once she steps her foot on ground zero

“We will arrest you and if you resist we will shoot your legs and give you a mark on your leg,” He said energetically to his close to 1000 Facebook live listeners today April 22nd 2019.

The activists with hundreds of thousands of online followers went further to decry what he says are lies propagated by Kah Walla whom he says is on government payrol. He went ahead to add that those who want a Federation should campaign for a referendum

He lambasted the Fru Ndi’s protégé for lacking a political base across the nation and rubbishes her outing.” You have no mandate” he lambasted as he continued his fierce rhetoric, challenging her to step foot.

Kah Walla came under the Amba sword three days ago after a video snippet of her address at George Washington Institute for African Studies surfaced on social media

In what secessionists say is a lame duck attempt by the former Fru Ndi’s protégé to put the blame of the armed conflict on their ground fighters, Kah Walla was threatened and dubbed “sellout”

Activists and proponents of secession took to social media to chastise the politician and called for her arrest by ground fighters if she ever steps foot on ground zero

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French embassy protest: Paris strikes back, raid home of Cameroon minister



Reports from French capital says French police have reportedly raided the home of labour minister and CPDM bigwig Gregoire Owona

It is not yet clear why the minister’s home was raided by law enforcement officers in Europe but the incident happened today February 24th 2020.

The incident is happening same day as Cameroonians in the nation’s capital demonstrated infront of French embassy, condemning President Macron for interfering in Cameroon internal affairs

The protesters carried banners with messages which accused France of supporting terrorism in Cameroon among other things

It is however not clear if the raid is related to the Yaounde protest

On Saturday February 22nd 2020, BAS activists Calibi Calibri confronted French President Macron during an international Agricultural show in France

He asked the President if he was aware of the “genocide” ongoing in Anglophone Cameroon and the silencing of dissenting voices in the country.

The French President said he was aware of the Anglophone crisis, promised to call Biya about the killings and adds that he was the one who pressured Biya to release opposition leader Kamto

His reaction was not well received by regime supporters who say Cameroon is an independent state and doesn’t take orders from Paris

France is the former colony of East Cameroon- the 8 French speaking regions of the country and the European nation continues to play a very heavy hand in the political affairs of all its former colonies in Africa including Cameroon

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Protesters storm the French embassy in Yaounde



At the French embassy in Yaounde now, scores of cameroonians are currently staging a protest over the “insulting and unacceptable outing” of President Emmanuel Macron’s on Biya of Cameroon in Paris last Saturday.

The action comes following President Macron’s impromptu exchange with Calibri over the weekend in which he spoke on Cameroon and president Paul Biya.

The protest has reportedly been organised by supporters of the Yaounde government.

In a country where any form of protest against the regime is met by crackdown on the basis that they did not receive permit, many are asking if these protesters are permitted to take to the streets

developing story…

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Biya supporters roast Macron on social media for belittling the strong man at Etoudi



In a series of Facebook posts, supporters of president Biya have accused France of colonial mentality and says Macron is frustrated because Biya did not renew the colonial agreement which was reaping the country’s economy

They also pointed to France’s long history of supporter wars and coups in Africa especially Ivory Coast, Central Africa Republique

“Macron May be a fool to think he can ordered Biya around” one social media user wrote

The backlash comes after a video of Macron telling an activist that he will call Biya about killings in Anglophone regions.

The French President also boasted that he ordered Biya to free Kamto and took names of political prisoners which he promised to give Biya a call for their immediate release.

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