Fru Ndi and Ambazonia leaders agree to agree

The news went wild on social media that the younger brother of the National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, was at the weekend kidnapped by unidentified gunmen, sources have confirmed.

Kingsley Azeh Ndi was kidnapped alongside two workers on Friday, April 19 while he was at the ranch of his brother Ni John Fru Ndi, sources said.

The opposition chieftain later disclosed that the kidnappers were demanding the sum of six million francs CFA to free his brothers and workers.

Reacting to the ransom, the national chairman of the country’s main opposition party accused government elite in Yaoundé for “feeding fat” from their armed groups in the regions

The veteran politician denies accusing armed civilian fighters who have been fighting for the restoration of statehood called Ambazonian and has been known for high profile kidnappings in the affected regions.

“If anything happens to my brother, they will not see the light of day” the Ntarinkon landlord warns as decries the deteriorating situation in the affected Anglophone regions.

In a Facebook post of his own, one of the frontline leaders of the Amazonian movement, Belgium based Mark Bareta has issued a 24 hours ultimatum of his own, calling on those holding Fru Ndi;s brother and workers to release them immediately, echoing the chairman’s claim that it’s not the work of pro-impendent fighters.

“Those thugs in Santa area keeping the brother of Ni John Fru Ndi and two workers should release them within 24 hours as they read me. It’s now clear Ambazonia fighters rank have been infiltrated by elements whose job is to kidnap and derail the focus of our revolution. They must be aware that a joint unit of Ambazonia fighters has been put in place to rescue these persons and all of them if seen shall be eliminated. The same is true for those in Mile 16 keeping Mr. Ephanga Martin of OIC.

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We must face this cankerworm now as it’s now become a policy of the regime to use elements like these to destabilize our progress and turn the Community against us.

It’s my wish that these persons are released within 24 hours.” He wrote on his Facebook wall.

Last year, the sister of the Chairman was kidnapped by armed men and only released later while the SDF chieftain has also suffered losses from arson attacks.

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