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Watch Video: Fru Ndi rejects key Amba demand during captivity

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In a leaked video which is making rounds on social media this evening 27th April 2019, the SDF leader Ni John Fru Ndi has rejected the key demand put forth by the armed civilian fighters who kidnapped him briefly earlier during the day

Contrary to reports from party sources and Amba activists that the fighters only had a brief and friendly chat with the veteran politician, the armed civilians could be clearly heard in one of the videos telling the politician that he has been kidnapped because he was walking with politicians

The fighters then went ahead to demand that the party boss recall all his MPS and senators from Yaoundé, a request the chairman who looked comfortable immediately rejected while in captivity .

“I cannot call them back,” he said before one of the fighters couldn’t be heard asking “why”

After drinking from a locally made cup, the chairman says he needs a platform to talk to Biya reason why he can’t call the party lawmakers home.
He cited Hon. Wirba, the runaway SDF MP for Jakiri who left the country after defiling parliamentary rules to advance the course of the Anglophones in the lower house.

NI John Fru Ndi reminded the fighters that Wirba whom they so endear started talking at the parliament hence, he cannot recall the lawmakers.

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