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Watch Video: Fru Ndi rejects key Amba demand during captivity



In a leaked video which is making rounds on social media this evening 27th April 2019, the SDF leader Ni John Fru Ndi has rejected the key demand put forth by the armed civilian fighters who kidnapped him briefly earlier during the day

Contrary to reports from party sources and Amba activists that the fighters only had a brief and friendly chat with the veteran politician, the armed civilians could be clearly heard in one of the videos telling the politician that he has been kidnapped because he was walking with politicians

The fighters then went ahead to demand that the party boss recall all his MPS and senators from Yaoundé, a request the chairman who looked comfortable immediately rejected while in captivity .

“I cannot call them back,” he said before one of the fighters couldn’t be heard asking “why”

After drinking from a locally made cup, the chairman says he needs a platform to talk to Biya reason why he can’t call the party lawmakers home.
He cited Hon. Wirba, the runaway SDF MP for Jakiri who left the country after defiling parliamentary rules to advance the course of the Anglophones in the lower house.

NI John Fru Ndi reminded the fighters that Wirba whom they so endear started talking at the parliament hence, he cannot recall the lawmakers.

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Kamto’s “dirty secrets”: What did Eric Kingue know that we should?



Barely hours after opposition leader and head of MRC, revered professor Maurice Kamto gave President Biya a 7 days ultimatum to prove he is active and leading the fight against covid-19 or he assumes the role of President, Cameroonians have been reacting with mixed feelings

Critics have condemned the opposition leader and tag him an opportunist who wants to rise to the pinnacle of Cameroon’s political power at all cost

Many say at the time the country is facing grave danger from coronavirus, politicians should rather unite rather than bring rancor and uncertainty in times of national challenge.

Supporters of Kamto however agrees with him, saying President Biya should be leading the fight against the virus and not his ministers and many adds, the country lacks leadership during the period it needs it most.

But amidst the ravaging debate about who should lead Cameroon during this difficult times, the reply to Kamto’s ultimatum emerged from the most unlikely of sources….Paul Eric Kingue, Kamto’s former campaign manger of all people.

Kamto’s former 2018 Presidential campaign manger and close aide has told the professor to shut up and stop deceiving Cameroonians

In a remarkable and stunning twist of events Mr Eric Kingue warns he will expose their secret conspiracy against Cameroonians if the law Professor doesn’t remain quiet for a while.

He writes
“I caution Maurice Kamto to remain silent for once……..otherwise the world will know what we both conspired.”

He adds that Kamto should stop playing with Cameroonians lives in moments of great national challenge like thebine posed by coronavirus

“At a moment when humanity is tracked in a terrible pandemic, Maurice Kamto must stop playing with the people otherwise…….”

The newly elected Njombe Penja Mayor described Prof. Maurice Kamto as an impostor, whose folly must know stop, because the prevailing situation in Cameroon is grave enough. According to My Media Prime

The question many are now asking is what conspiracy did Kamto and Eric Kingue hatched against Cameroonian people.

Why did Eric Kingue abandon his first former boss and could Cameroonians life be in danger?

Some are not calling for both men to be investigated for possible crimes against the state, adding Mr Kingue must tell Cameroomians the secret plans he had with Professor Maurice Kamto against the people of Cameroon.

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TeboPost Official ranking: Top 6 upcoming Kamer artists everybody wants on their show



The Cameroon music industry has been striding with Grace and Elegance amongst other music industries across the continent as it keeps dishing out critically acclaimed hits from a different award-winning artist. The industry which is ever-growing keep welcoming new acts almost daily. TeboPost presents to you the top six hottest new acts in the country’s music scene.


Jaye is a Kamer musical gem who shot to fame in 2019 after the release of her infectious single entitled “Un genre Un genre”. Un genre Un genre was a groundbreaking hit that ushers the soft-spoken and well-endowed beauty queen to stardom.

Her music and sounds take influences from Afrobeat, dancehall and our local Makossa. Growing, she was heavily inspired by music from Cameroon and Central Africa such as makossa, Ndombolo , etc. This experience has her open her perspective on how our music and sounds should be and thus the need for us to go back to our roots.

 In an exclusive interview she granted to TeboPost, the Diva said with music, evolution is the key, and added that we have to go back to our roots and shape the industry with innovative strides. With this approach and ideology, one can say in definite terms that she is a beacon of hope and a new light that will shine on the Cameroon music and sounds of tomorrow

Her latest release “Amio”, has been well received and has been making rounds on every DJ’s playlist and topping the charts on Boomplay where it was excessively released alongside famous names like Ed Shareen and Master KG. Her management and label BGC Melody are looking forward to releasing for Amio on the 14 of February 2020


Fhish is a Kamer uprising musician who shot to fame early 2019 shortly after the release of his first hit Kirikou. Fhish is one of the music genius kamer has given birth to. He started aiming for the mic even before he could handle its weight.

 A town boy who has become a music star at an early age, from a neighborhood freestyle artist to lifting the nation’s flag on billboards. He is one guy who is profoundly dedicated to his craft, focus on his arts and challenges to be challenged.

 His vibrant personality, visuals, and delivery have allowed him to create a new lane for himself. Since his signing to Manjong music in 2018, Fhish has released more than five hit songs that have been making waves, topping the charts and enjoying massive airplay in radio stations across the nation.

In 2019 Fhish had beef with kamer rap guru Stanley Enow that went viral on social media and fetched him a considerable amount of notability and fame. Though many described the act as gross disrespect to Stanley who is seen as an inspiration and a giant in the industry.

Fhish maintains that respect is reciprocal and will not dare accord respect to anyone who looks down on him. The artist is one of his interviews offered satisfactory explication on how his beef with Stanley Enow emanated from. The young star explains that he attended one of Stanley’s events (on Stanley’s invitation) with his team of management which he often refers to as his government, and were ignored throughout the process of the occasion. He described the situation as a premeditated and deliberate act by Stanley to humiliate him and his government.

Tina Musical

Tina musical is one of kamer acclaimed uprising with a promising future. Tina started singing way back in her home town Bamenda but finally shot to the prominence last year 2019 when she met one of the industry’s legend Tzy Panchack who shaped her career by bringing her into one of his tracks entitled “Naso”.

It was a turning point in her career as she was able to showcase her huge musical potentiality and exhibit her great talent. After “Naso” with Tizy, Tina has released a handful of singles which have brought her more recognition amongst Kamer new waves of young artists who prefer melancholy and introspection.

 Her single musica has been well received both in the Anglophone and francophone communities of Cameroon and has portrayed remarkable growth in her vocal strength and choice of satisfying, if not adventurous soundscape.

Tina has succeeded in displaying singing chops over songs that draw acapella and harmonizing blends of woozy traps synths and sun shakes on traditional Afropop. Her 6track EP is a theme of sadness, loss, morality, turmoil, of one’s inner life perseverance in one’s arts and spiritual growth


Kameni is an emergent Cameroonian “musicologist”, a monumental force to reckon with as far as the new wave of Kamer artists is concerned. Her first and self-pen single titled “Nayo Nayo” received wide attention and brought her massive fame and recognition and became a solid contender for the biggest dancehall song of the year.

 In Nayo Nayo, the artist delivered a conscious message, speaking against the phenomenon of families depending on their members in overseas, which is so common in Africa’s widely diverse society. Kameni has gradually become a household name.

After her first hit, she has released a couple of dancehall ballads which have been dominating the nation’s airwaves and have stolen the ears and the heart of music lover across the nation, setting the pace for the country’s sound.

She has featured Mr. Leo his label boss in two of her tracks that became a gateway to what is now a thrilling musical career. The proven musicality in Leo’s guff vocal added a good texture to her celestial soprano much to the nostalgia and joy of many music lovers

Her charming and imposing outlook, her sensational lyricism displays, her authoritative and soul grabbing voice that soothes and lifts, but more frequently invites introspection and melancholia in her sounds couple with the propulsive bass drums varied with melodic astral effects, has helped her to build her reputation as a sure-footed dancehall artist


Nabila is another outstanding and exceptionally talented artist to look up to. The 22years Fatima Rodriguez was discovered in 2016 on the cover of Locko’s sawa romance. Music lovers were charmed by her soul-searching vocals.

This earned her a nomination in the best female voice category at the 2016 Ballafon awards. This is how Nabila marked her entry into the game. The talented songstress who is under the supervision of Kamer production house REIGN releases a groundbreaking hit last year entitled ca va aller, a phenomenal and a successful hit that saw individuals relaxing to her soul grabbing voice, making Nabila one of the most sought-after music stars in the country.

Most of her songs speak about love, affection, romance with a tone of seduction. Her latest release is an expression of a woman who pours her blues to her lover, asking him to look beyond his worries and think of happiness which they can secure together, a mixture of zouks and afrobeat cadence.

 Nabila dropped a 6track EP last year that was positively embraced and top music charts across the nation. The award-winning female songstress does not show any sign of slowing down or looking back. Her music style, professionalism, and relatable lyrics have won her fans and endless accolades across the nation. She has achieved quite a lot in her career through hard work, dedication, and determination. Amazing concert performances, her sharing of the stage with big names in the continent and her last December prestigious Balafon award, are not left out as some of the artist’s achievements. Nabilla has won a considerable amount of recognition and fame as a result of her expertise in the craft

Her energetic performances and African infused styles are evident in her hairdo, fashion, looks, songs, and music videos. Music lovers across the nation recognize signature African style, choice of music and beats. Though in her song cava aller we could see her shortcomings in the second voices, accompanied by the auto-tune and this broke certain parts of the lead voices.

Mic Monster

Mic Monster is one of the Kamer uprising musicians and rappers who has made a significant contribution to the promotion of rap music and hip Hop in Kamer.

The reclusive rapper who navigated his way to the Kamer music scene in 2015, has dropped a handful of expertly crafted songs that have catapulted his status and has brought his music a wilder audience. Mic Monster is among the few Kamer rappers who are pushing rap music into the mainstream consciousness, integrating street culture into rap music, an element that our hip hop DNA is still short of.

 His latest release “Johny” has gathered him a slew of fans and momentum. He is deniably one of the fastest rising under-lords of street music in Kamer. He has evolved into a premium storyteller and concept creator through his latest bodywork Johnny and is gradually approaching veteran status.

Critics have bashed him for not having enough solo hits to his name, but his aforementioned Johny has made him the hottest commodity on the street. While his peers are lost in abstract bars and excessive glorification of street decadence, he rather uses his music to address the ills of contemporary Cameron, blending everything with humorous, ingenuity and conscious lyrics.

His top-notch wordplay rhymes in English infuses with Pidgin English, his brilliant penmanship, super lyricism has made him a peerless brand of musical ingenuity. Mic monster has demonstrated amazing musical expertise and professionalism as he continues to balance his topnotch lyricism with mainstream sensibilities. His novel bodywork Johnny has been aired on various stations across the nation and make rounds on almost every DJ’s playlist and also found in a vast majority of Kamer websites and blogs

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National Dialogue: What is inside the 400 page proposal Tumi gave Dion?



The Archbishop Emeritus of Douala His Eminence Cardinal Tumi has submitted a 400-page document to the Prime Minister, Head of government Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute.

Cardinal Tumi who was received at the Star Building in line with the consultations ahead of the Major National Dialogue which holds at the end of the month led a college of religious leaders to submit their views.

The 400-page document is a collection of views collected from citizens of the Anglophone regions in the past months from the North West and South West regions by organizers of the Anglophone General Conference.

Cardinal Tumi who is the convenor of the Anglophone General Conference has never been granted authorization by the government to hold the gathering but recently welcomed the decision by the Head of State to call for the Major National Dialogue.

But speaking on the program inside on equinoxe television, the revered Cardinal said 69% of Anglophones favor “outright independence”

Tumi who is a known federalist said their survey which was carried ahead of a similar dialogue of their own  said even though secessionists was not on the question paper, many Anglophone opted for outright secession in their survey

The shocking statistics from the ma of God among other painful proposals contained in a 400 pages document will constitute some of the proposals government will have to deal it ahead of the talks


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