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Longue Longue cries again: Le libérateur needs urgent political liberation

Longue Longue cries again: Economic liberator needs urgent political liberation
In another interview with Douala based Equinoxe television on April 28th, 2019, the singer once again begs authorities with his eyes full of tears to release his passport.
The makossa icon has been on a crying and kneeling tour lately following his arrest and subsequent release. The Douala based makossa artists were arrested, detained and released.
The “liberator” singer had been a fierce critic of the Biya government, declaring opposition leader Maurice kamto the winner of October 2018 presidential polls and condemning his subsequent arrest in January 2019.
The singer known for his anti-colonial music went viral after a video of him kneeling and begging the presidential couple for a pardon following his utterances
Longue longue says he made the allegations without any proves; adding that his passport has been seized and he cannot leave the country to sing and feed his family
On Sunday, April 27, he reiterated his appeal for his passport to be released as he burst in tears, crying for the better part of the live program on the country’s most watched television
There have been pictures and videos of the singer praying in churches, kneeling in front of the Virgin Mary statue as he desperately seeks to release of his passports
Many have described the singer as a “comedian” saying his attitude is an act of cowardice and robbed him of any respect he once earned from the people
Longue longue had vowed in his music that he is a liberator and he is ready to die to liberate the people from colonial slavery and poor governance
But recent events have rubbished those assertions and prove the singer himself desperately needs someone to liberate him

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