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Buea DO puts SW chief on notice for orchestrating a “royal coup”

The storm is yet to settle as the population of the South West region watches in total disbelieve and consternation as the region’s administrative official’s battle with   the custodian of the region’s traditions in what has been spilled over into social media

Governor Okalia in a meeting to prepare for national day celebrations commemorated every may 20th had tasked the chiefs of the region especially in Fako to carry placards and March pass the grandstand with their villagers behind them

After facing massive criticism from South Westerners and cultural lovers, the chiefs fired back in a communiqué of their own 5 days later, accusing the governor of promoting “hate speech” adding that they will never march pass the rand stand in an embarrassing tit-for-tat response

As the aggrieved population of the Southwest region struggles to come to terms with the tug of war between the governor and the region’s chiefs, the DO of Buea did stir another controversy of his own, putting a traditional ruler I Buea on notice for his response to the governor’s orders

In a rare letter of observation issued by the administrator of the regional capital Buea addressed to chief Mafanyi Njie today May 3rd 2019, one of the signatories to the April 30th 2019 declaration by the chiefs, the DO says the letter of observation is “intended to convey to you my total disapproval of this malicious, odious and intriguing attitude” referencing the response by the chiefs on April 30th

Paul Wokam in his letter of observation accused the Buea chief of orchestrating some kind of royal mutiny against the state by taking upon himself on behalf of the traditional rulers of the South West region to condemn the governor

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“You took upon yourself on behalf of the traditional rules of the South West region to denounce in calumnious language to the person of H.E the governor of the South West region, the appeal he made on April 25th, 2019…” the statement reads in part

The D.O went further to accuse the said chief of deliberately distorting and manipulating the words of the governor before warning that such “agitations are punishable at administrative, disciplinary and panel levels especially in these periods of security challenges”

The DO’s latest letter has sparked an avalanche of criticism once again on social media as many wonder the role of once-revered traditional rulers in the English speaking regions of the country

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