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Kah Walla paints a naked Cameroon to visiting UN Human rights boss

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet has rounded up her visit to Cameroon with a meeting with key figures of the opposition as well as civil society actors.

Saturday’s meeting was an opportunity to listen to the various views from on the human rights situation in Cameroon from the various political actors.

After visiting all major government offices including the President of the republic to get first-hand information about the human rights situation in the country, the human rights boss probably got a whole different view from civil society activists and human rights advocates on the ground during her meeting with them

The message from civil society and human rights advocates was epitomized by Kah Walla’s dying picture of a Cameroon whose human rights records are at free all, the death toll of civilians in their thousands, an unprecedented number of displaced and a culpable and ineffective government in Yaoundé

Here is her full statement to the commissioner


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