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What Paul Biya’s unsettling erratic 120 hours on twitter tell us about his state of mind

It’s hard to even imagine President Biya Twitter addiction getting worse these days given his penchant for the social media platform to communicate with the people, but we may be living through just that right now. Consider that over the past 10 days, Biya has tweeted 15 things.

About three different topics and from 1 people It’s been a torrent of Twitter for a man who addresses speaks directly to the nation only three times a year. A spasm of social media by his own standard. A … well, you get the idea. It was, uh, a lot. And it’s indicative of Biya’s current state of mind: traditional Unity palace reception of foreign dignitaries (a regular on his twitter feed), new appointments, and most importantly resentment and his campaign for patriotism and respect of state intuitions following the worsening Anglophone crisis which has rattled his Unity Palace Remember, always, that Twitter is the best window into a president’s mind we have ever had. It is a real-time reflection of what Biya not only is thinking about but what he cares about.

So what’s been on his mind? National unity, moral lessons and patriotism worries Biya most The president and commander in chief of the country’s armed forces have been on a charm offensive to weep up the patriotic spirit of Cameroonians and the need to respect state institutions In a series of bilingual tweets, President Biya has been singing the national unity song and the need for Cameroonians to defend their father land as international pressure mounts for hos government to speedily resolve the Anglophone crisis

The president tweets President Biya also reminded Cameroonians of their civic responsibility and to desist from using democracy as a tool to destroy their nation as social media boils with debate about ongoing affairs in the country

He also had some moral lessons for Cameroonians in one of his tweet saying

Human Rights around the country

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The president also took out time to share visits of the visiting UN commissioner saying “Delighted to meet Michelle Bachelet, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the former President of the Republic of Chile. We shared views on peace and security, development, and human rights.”

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