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South West “Flooded” with the military as “Biya’s fixer” comes to town

Cameroon’s newly appointed premier chief Dr. Jospeh Dion Ngute will on Tuesday 14th May 2019 pay an official three days visit to his embattled region of origin

The Son of the South West region who is fresh from the North West will be carrying peace plant once again as he attempts to diffuse tension and bring a lasting solution to the three years old crisis.

Hundreds of armor cars, military tanks, and personnel carriers have been flooding the historic capital of the South region as the government struggles to rebuff any secessionist attack in an increasingly volatile Fako ahead of the visit

The visits will be the very first official visit of the Premier to his region of origin. Such visits in the past are characterized by merrymaking and massive political mobilization by the ruling party as a way of saying thank you to the President of the republic for given confidence to one of their own.

But times are indeed very different. The Anglophone crisis ravaging the South West and North West regions of the country has killed just too many, dampen political appetite for any kind of bonanza and has made political affiliations life-threatening.

Die-hard supporters have however braved the storm to put welcoming banners in major roads the Premier will be using especially in the Buea municipality.

But Dion Ngute will be all too aware that he is venturing into unfamiliar territory, it might be his region of origin, but like many political elites from these two regions, political asylum in the nation’s capital has been the best bet given the prevailing insecurity reigning in their own base.

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His house was set ablaze on the same day he was appointed prime minister, perhaps a reminder and message of the job he had ahead

Fighting between armed groups and the army has escalated ever since, a clear message that the political realities could not be more different

Many have already described his visit in Bamenda and now South West a “waste of time and political capital”, saying the government knows what it should do to end the crisis

But the down to earth Premier fondly called “Mr. Clean” has defied the odds, saying the head of state is willing to talk provided secession is out of the table, that has calm some few hearts somehow

His visit in Bamenda last year was marred by protests and frightening gun battles, but the 65 years old charmed some few hearts with his down to earth approach, making rare stops in the market, University of Bamenda and talking with the locals as government strenuously seeks to wilt international pressure and end a conflict born out of unpardonable negligence by the very government


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