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North West Governor appoints his own commission; task them to evaluate burnt houses by the army

Less than a week since the Prime minister left Bamenda, the governor of the North West region Adolph Lele L’afrique has admitted to burning of houses by the military in Mankon-Bamenda

The Governor who is following the footsteps of the defense boss today May 17, 2019, in a regional order number 721 created a commission to evaluate the humanitarian situation, identification of all victims and needs and ascertain material damages and property destroyed by the incident.

“With effect from the date of signature of the present decision, a commission to evaluate property damaged at Muwachu, Aluchu, and Matsam in Mankon as a result of the incident on Wednesday 15th May 2019” the statement reads in part.

To be headed by the senior divisional officer of Mezam, the committee will consist of six members and has one week to submit the results of their findings.

The regional order from the governor is the first public admission by senior government officials that houses have been burnt by the military during the course of the crisis.

The Center for Human Rights and democracy in Africa has in the past accused the country’s army of indiscriminate killing and burning of over 100 villages in North West and South West regions, an accusation the government has strenuously denied in the past.

Critics say the investigation of burnt houses and potential compensation of victims in Mankon is because the paramount ruler o Mankon is the vice national chairman of the ruling party, hence, sways massive political powers even in Yaoundé

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