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Cameroon’s national unity in one picture



The 47th edition of the national day celebrations across the country has come and gone but events across the country especially Anglophone regions are still making waves on social media and will certainly do so for a long time to come

There is indeed so much to talk about. From the cold blooded murder of a 4 months old wit bullet to clown-like video emerging from Yaoundé down to historic picture from Bamenda. It was a filled day for news watchers.

Armed civilian fighters and their backers had called for a boycott, posing real threats to civilians as they continue to battle regular army for control of the two English speaking regions of Cameroon

The Anglophone crisis is certainly no new topic in the political chessboard of the country but we can certainly not be accustomed to the indiscriminate killings, not least a 4 months old toddler whose head was scattered with bullets in Muyuka, South West region on the same day we are celebrating “Vivre ensemble”

But why celebrations were rife in all eight regions of the country with many receiving state recognition in the form of medals for contributions to their fatherland, the events in the hotly contested Anglophone region was far from ideal.

Apart from Nkambe and Limbe, 20th May in the entire North West and South West regions of the country was a charade for the few towns that even try to defile the threats.

 For many smaller towns and villages, it was the usual ghosted streets which now characterized such public gatherings

Ravaging gun battles, multiple deaths and ghosted streets two regions whose decision to unite with their brothers in 1961 is the very reason for this national unity has put into question the reason for the celebrations.

Premier Dion Ngute had concluded his weeklong visits to the affected regions of the crisis, but even before he arrived Yaoundé to submit his proposals to the commander in chief, disturbing gun battles, human heads rolling in the streets, many killed and many more kidnaped all after his visits was perhaps  a reminder that peace will be far from one single visit from the 4th most powerful man in the country.

But perhaps among the many angles and headlines which made news from yesterdays’ national day is the picture from Bamenda ceremonial ground

CPDM supporters, very few could bare the risk to move into the ceremonial ground. Many of them were seen covering their faces for fear of reprisal attack by armed groups anytime a camera approached them

While mobile phones were banned in many of the ceremonial grounds and march pass boycotted by all major and relevant opposition party in the country, the image is a symbol of the despair, shame, and uncertainty which characterize our national unity was visibly written on every pixel of that image

Men and woman alike are shamed to be identified for celebration what is supposed to be the proudest moment of all Cameroonians as we celebrate our history and unity as a people, struggle not to be identified by people most of them call brothers, cover their faces in shame of their actions and decisions.

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Breaking: The D.O of Mbengwi has been kidnapped



AmbaNews24 is reporting that seperatist forces have kidnap the  Divisional Officer (DO) of Mbengwi, Fouda Etaba Benoit Nicaise.

“Nicaise was arrested in Mbengwi, the seat of Momo State and of the Mbengwi local government area or “subdivision” as the occupying Cameroon government describes it. Colonial DO was appointed by Presidential decree number 2017/239 of May 22, 2017 as D.O for Mbengwi” ambanews24 writes

In March 2019, a military convoy transporting Nacaise came under attack by separatist fighters, but the DO was safe and unhurt.

The government is yet to confirm the news and TeboPost cannot independently verify the news.

But if true, it will be a major setback ahead of plan national dialogue scheduled for September 30th as government struggles to find lasting solutions to the Anglophone crisis

Mbengwi is the divisional capital of Momo division North West region. The same division where the DO of Batibo was kidnapped years back and his whereabouts remain unknown till date.


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National Dialogue: South West elites hold “regional dialogue” of their own.



The authorities of South west region have rallied different stakeholders within the municipality and beyond for pre-dialogue ahead of the national dialogue called by President Biya which is scheduled for end of September.

The pre-dialogue discussion taking place at the chambers of the Buea council Buidling is the first of its kind since the announcement of the grand national dialogue on September 10th 2019.

Chaired by the governor of the South West region alongside other top officials in the region, the dialogue aimed at finding a common ground ahead of much anticipated national dialogue.

Prime minister Dion Ngute who is charged with the coordination of the historic talks has been holding  consultations with different stakeholders in Yaounde ahead of the talks.

In his surprised address to the nation on September  10th 2019, President Paul Biya announced the holding of national dialogue at the end of September which he says is  geared towards resolving the socio-economic crisis in the South West and North West Regions of Cameroon and other national concerns.

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Powerless Batibo council responds to Ambazonian savagery



The Batibo Council on its Facebook page this Monday writes Monday September 16, 2019 has condemned the brutal and inhuman murder of a woman in that municipality

“It is with anger filled trauma that I write condemning the burial of a life being in our municipality.
No matter the reasons, I shall never be part of such gruesome acts!
I say again, there is life after the crisis and each of us will give an account of what he/ she has done”. The council writes

The killing which has sparked outrage on social media was allegedly carried by Ambazonian fighters.  The fighter in a viral video said she is a “black leg”.

Batibo council in Momo division of the North-west Region is one the areas greatly hit by the socio political crisis in the Anglophone regions of tbe country.

In 2018 the administrative head of the Subdivision was kidnapped on a day Cameroon celebrated her youths. His whereabout have since remained unknown.

Many inhabitants of the Sub Division since the escalation of the crisis have since been seeking for refuge in other towns and cities. They are fleeing from atrocities committed as the conflict in Cameroons North West and South West regions continues to escalate.

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