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Heartless and barbaric: where does this rank and how would the modern world react?

Monday, 20th May 2019, shocking and unbelievable images and videos made waves on social media.

A four months old innocent child in the town of Muyukka, South West region of Cameroon has just been shot. His head was shattered by bullets probably manufactured in Europe or the USA as the innocent mother helplessly cries her life out in an act which is most likely to go unnoticed.

Cameroonians have taken to social media, the only platform they seem to have where they can express their anger to condemn and shame the killers of the gruesome murder even though who pulled the trigger remains an unnecessary debate.

Cameroon has been at war for about a year now and indeed many have been killed, possibly in their thousands and many more would probably die as government and armed separatists struggle to justify their military actions and the biased world squeeze natural resources, sell arms and drink Champaign

Heads have been chopped-off, pregnant women killed and many burnt in houses and even hospitals alive as the world accompanies a looming humanitarian catastrophe in one time Africa most stable and peaceful nation

But amidst the brutal and inhumane killings, none has been as painful, gruesome and barbaric as the cold-blooded murderer of the 4 months old toddler whose only crime was being born in Muyuka, a war tor town in the Anglophones region

His head scattered with bullets as particles litter the floor, his mother weeps and accused the country’s armed forces as unidentified men question her in her grief to know the perpetrators in a video which is viral, an accusation the government has strenuously denied

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Many have once again taken to social media to blame either side, with government supporters saying the child was killed by armed civilians because the father defected from “amba” camp, but the  armed civilians and their backers claim the toddler was killed by the army as the world looks on

But no matter who is responsible, this should not be happening in the 21st century, no matter the reason this should not happen.

‘Unacceptable” was the headline of Cameroon’s lone English daily detailing the killing, but writing and words enough won’t suffice, the killing of the 4 months old sets another new low for the troubling war ongoing in the country’s Anglophone regions.

Even the heartless of leaders and decision-makers have been moved when children are gassed in Syria or washed along the Mediterranean sea, this should certainly not be an exception….the world cannot afford to ignore this. Not now!

The brutal and heartless killing of the 4mohts old sets new dangerous precedence of the three years old crisis and sends a worrying signal of things to come if urgent international and national actions are not taken to resolve the crisis

NB: TeboPost cannot independently verify if the woman was speaking at gunpoint, neither can we ascertain who killed the toddler.

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