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Cameroon vs the world: Yaoundé running out of options as the world remains uncarved

Amidst mounting an unprecedented international pressure, Yaoundé has mobilized its front men to do what they know best-defend government actions

External relations minister Lejeuene Mbella Mbella flanked by communication boss Emmanuel Rene Sadi and on the left and Felix Mbayu on the right denounce those whom he says wants to destabilize Cameroon while insisting that the problems of the country will be resolved by Cameroonians

The foreign affairs minister added that the country’s armed forces (which has been accused by rights groups of numerous rights violations) have acted professionally in discharging their duties, saying those who are guilty of any crimes are punished

The minister took the usual storyline of the government which has trailed them for the past three years amidst massive international pressure from EU, UN Security Council, AU, and Cameroon’s biggest backer France

“With regard to the situation in the northwestern and southwestern regions, which are the focus of attention, the Government would like to recall that Cameroon continues to face criminal acts in this part of the territory. and destabilization perpetrated by secessionist groups using terrorist methods, which have caused many lives, refugees and internally displaced persons, as well as extensive material damage and the destruction of the economic fabric of these areas.” The minister said in part

“In the light of the latest developments on the ground, it is clear that secessionist demands have given way to criminal acts and banditry, with kidnappings and ransom demands.

The Cameroonian army is on the ground only to protect people and their property against secessionist terrorists and to fulfill its sovereign duty to protect territorial integrity” the minister added

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Yaoundé and the country armed forces have come under the sword lately following burning of houses and killing of innocent civilians which many accuse the army

The government has launched different investigations at regional and national levels to identify the culprit even though no one has been punished this far

Critics accused the government of state-sanctioned crimes against its own people and say the military is using a scorched earth policy to intimidate the population and win the war on the battlefield

The Anglophone crisis has been ravaging the two English speaking regions of North West and South West region for three years now

The conflict which has moved to an armed conflict has left thousands dead, over half a million displaced externally and more than 20o villages burnt according to rights groups

There have been mounting pressure for Yaoundé to resolve the crisis and dialogue with separatists who are fighting for the independence of the English speaking regions of the country

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