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SONARA declares “force majeure” after last night inferno

Cameroon’s lone oil refinery company and lifeline for the crisis hit government has declared “force majeur” barely hours after wild fire consumed part of the refinery.


In a letter adressed to partners and shareholders, the newly appointed Director General regrets the wild fire which he says consumed part of production facility at the Limbe based refinery before saying a “force majeur” has been declared.

News break out around 10 PM on Thursday 31st May that a huge explosion was heard around the oil refinery sparking wild fire.


Images of the fire quickly spread on social media sparking fears as to what has caused the fire


Firefighters battled to control the flame and finally contained it after hours long battle, leaving major areas  of the refinety consumed into ruins


Investigations have been launched to determine the cause of the explosion and fire which has affected the most important source of income for the government.


A force majeur is an action taken to temporary halt work in a company due to cause which cannot be attributed to anybody






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