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Looming uncertainty: Niat joins Cavaye in barricading country’s sovereignty

The President of the Senate Marcel Niat Njifenji has joined his counterpart of the lower house, Hon. Vavaye yeye to condemn what he terms foreign interfering in the country’s domestic affairs.

The President was speaking today Tuesday 11th June during the official ceremony to open the June session of the upper house.

The ceremony which was graced by government ministers and senators of the republic saw the second inline to Etoudi appealing to friends of Cameroon to help the country in its efforts to resolve the Anglophone crisis.

Prime Minister Chief Dr, Joseph Dion Ngute also received some warm words from the president following his much-trumpeted peace visit to the aggrieved regions- the second high profile endorsement the newly appointed premier is receiving in less than 24 hours

“Discussing the situation in the North West and South West regions, Marcel Niat Njifenji commended Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute for the success of his peace mission to the North West and South West regions, expressing the wish to see the dialogue which has begun, result to serenity”, CRTV reported

“The Senate vehemently condemns all attempts to destroy the unity and image of our country.” Mr. Niat Njifenji, President of the Senate cautioned according to CRTV web

Scapegoating the international community

The latest outing from the two highest personalities of the country after the President of the Republic has rattled many as they wonder what is happening within international diplomatic circles

House Speaker, Senate President, and top government officials have recently railed against any foreign interference in the country, touting the country’s readiness and ability to resolve its problems like any other sovereign nation

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The Anglophone crisis, Cameroon’s worst humanitarian crisis where armed civilians are fighting for the independence of the two English speaking regions of the country has largely been ignored by the lawmakers

Both houses have failed to employ independent measures to handle the crisis, opting instead to line up behind government’s rhetoric and policy which has rather worsened the crisis and brought in the International community

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