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Kumba bike riders pay heavy price for attempting to end ghost town

Bike riders in Kumba, chief town of meme division South West region have been slammed a 10 days ban by armed civilian fighters.

The ban comes barely two Weeks after the motorbike riders in the city staged a protest calling for an end to ghost town after one of theirs was killed.


The armed civilian groups better known as Amazonia fighters who are fighting for the statehood  of Amazonia  sales the ban will serve as a punishment to the bike riders for attempting to end ghost towns in Kumba.


The ban will add another layer of untold suffering to the close to 15 000 motor bike riders in the economic capital of the South West regions.


Armed separatists insist the ban will serve as a warning to any group of persons in the affected regions who might want to end the punitive Monday ghost towns which takes place across the two English speaking regions of North West and South West point regions.


In a city where motor bike riders constitute the main means of transportation, the ban will also affects many in their daily activities across town.


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