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Back to school campaign gains momentum but…



Back to school campaign publicized by the government has gained momentum in recent days as pupils and students across the national triangle prepare for 2019/2020 school year

In a strange campaign where government ministers and senior state functionaries have taken center stage to make it a pivot of their political ambitions, many are still skeptical if school will effectively resume in North West and South West regions of the country.

The conflict riddled regions have seen historic school boycott  in post independence history as separatists insist on ending the war before kids can go to school despite calls from activists.

pressure from home and abroad for government to dialogue with the leaders of the now armed Ambazonia leadership has failed to resonate across Yaounde as government insist on solving the crisis on the battle field.

The hopes which were raised sky-high by newly appointed premier Dion Ngute during his first official trip to the regions were quickly dashed as cracks emerge within his own government with some ministers challenging his strategy, roadmap and  tactics, saying the government cannot discuss the “form of the state” despite the premier’s insistence that Biya was Willing to dialogue on any topic excerpt  secession.

The life sentencing of Sessikou Ayuk and 10 others on the dawn of back to school has caused further chaos , provoking hardliners who now say no school until the war is over and government  comes to a dialogue table.

They have rolled out a series of lockdown calendar  to frustrate back to school efforts are warned all media houses from spreading back to school campaign in a new twists of events


For a government which insist it won’t put itself a-par with separatists by engaging in much talked  about dialogue, the back to school future could never have been darker I’m the three years conflict which has killed thousands, displaced hundreds of thousands and leaves entire villages deserted


Many accuse politicians of stage managing back to school campaigns for political reasons, insist they send their children to school in the crisis hit regions and task them to move around without heavily armed guards if they say the environment is conducive.

As the clock winds down, the state and separatists are preaching safely and threats at the same breath, with viral but opposing social media back to school campaign on the other move as the people on ground zero continue to whatch their kids stay home for the third year in a row

Politics  indeed has failed them from both sides of the divide


National Dialogue: Government delegations jet abroad to convince unrepentant separatists



A group of persons has been dispatched across the world to receive contributions of Cameroonians living in the diaspora ahead of the Major National Dialogue.

The various delegations will be heading to parts of Europe, America and on the continent to discuss with Cameroonians and get their views ahead of the dialogue.

The delegation to America and Canada is headed by Prof. Fru Angwafor and has as members Pr. Ufei Chinje Melo, Senator Mbella Moki Charles and Hon. Mbe Assae.

The delegation moving to France, UK, Belgium, and Germany is headed by Prof. Diane Acha Mofor while that heading to Nigeria and South Africa is led by Hon. Enwi Francis.

But many believe this would be a daunting task for Yaoundé. The Diaspora communities have been hostile with the government and all its officials and recent history spell doom for the latest move

While the Francophone Diaspora have constituted themselves into a dreaded BAS movement which has made Europe uninhabitable for presidential couples, the Anglophones diaspora on their part has refused to even recognize the government as their own.

Most of them fund the struggle for secession back in the Anglophone regions of the country and are hell-bent to divide the country many believe is policies forced them to seek for economic fortunes in another man’s land despite being so rich and so blessed.

After the speech by the head of state on September 10th, 2019 which was highly applauded and warmly received across the board, many Anglophone diaspora rather attempted to pour cold water on the move, declaring it another political show and vowed to continue the war on the ground.

They roll out a series of conditions for any dialogue, among which they say must takes place in a neutral country, chaired by UN and attended by all their arrested leaders, most of whom have been sentenced life.

Even as their opposition was drowned in a sea of aspiring and suffering population who are eager for any dialogue of any kind to end the killings and suffering back home, Dion Ngute and Co know the potency of the Diaspora strike force even when their message fails to resonate across the people they claim they now control and “govern”.

The strong delegation heading to Europe, US and other African countries constitutes of Anglophone members of government and elites are designed to woe the hardliners to come to the dialogue table and decide the fate of the regions and indeed the country.

Many of them (delegation members) would be wary of the ugly scenes and massive protests and retributions the last time their colleagues attempted such visit to convince the diaspora to end the crisis back home.

Any success of the grand national dialogue certainly rest with those fueling the conflict back home through funding and unrivaled social media propaganda and Dion Ngute and his team understands that the success of the dialogue might very well depend on the outcome of the latest political charm offensive across the globe 

Two years ago, delegations sent by the government of Cameroon to dialogue with Cameroonians in the diaspora led to ugly scenes in Belgium, South Africa, Canada, and the USA.


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Is Yaoundé closing in on the fulcrum of the Ambazonian leadership?



When territorial administration minister Paul Atanga Nji flanked by top aides and newly released Fako chiefs declared that  those perpetuating  violence in Anglophone Cameroon will  be searched, found and flown back to Yaoundé to face charges for their crimes, very few took his words seriously.

The CPDM firebrand minister and Biya’s confident was speaking barely weeks after he was appointed to the prestigious position of MINAT boss, the first Anglophone Cameroonian to occupy that position since independence.

As Atanga Nji rebuked and assures same, h government w insists government has taking all measures to bring normalcy in the restive regions.

Many are those who accused the North west born minister of political blindness, saying it’s the Anglophone agitation about institutionalized discrimination  which has helped catapult people like him to MINAT boss in the first place.

Many say his words were political bluff, adding Europe is not Nigeria where Ambazonian leaders were rounded and flown to Yaoundé in January 2018 from a hotel in Nigeria

But fast forward that to Augusts 2019, the landscape in the Anglophone regions have changed drastically. The regions is far from under government control as assured, far from stable  and politicians and civil society organizations struggle and scramble to ensure effective school this academic year while separatists insist peace before school.

Amidst a controversial ruling which slammed life sentencing to the ten Ambazoian leaders which has plunged the regions into further chaos, reports suggest the government is looking west for an unlikely solution to the crisis.

Almost all major papers in the country today August 26th 2019 carried headline about defacto Ambazonia leader Cho Lucas Ayaba and some of his political protégés and collaborators dotted in other western capitals and cities.

The spontaneous and seemingly well-coordinated press report is all but indicative of a smoking gun blazing within the diplomatic circles as Yaoundé attempts to put pressure on Oslo and Brussels.

The French weekly, The independent titles “Collusion Suspecte” loosely translated suspected collusion between Norway and Ambazonian defense forces, while the lone English Daily the Guardian post says “ Norway pressured to withdraw Ayaba Cho’s citizenship over alleged atrocities” in a headline of their own

From paper to paper, there was a comfortable space dedicated foe the Norwegian national and his role in the worsening crisis. Pro regime papers points out atrocities propagated in the Anglophone regions which they claim are terrorist activities while others accused the Norwegian PM for keeping terrorists within their borders.

Ayabo Cho, widely seen as the fulcrum of the Ambazonia revolutions which is causing headache in Yaoundé and generating much hated international attention is at the center of a cloudy diplomatic offensive launched by Yaoundé

In yet another action which will make the much trumpeted peace talk which will bring lasting solution to a dispute, that has grave implications in Yaoundé, Oslo and Anglophone regions, continue to look elusive

But beyond the rhetoric and newspapers reports, revoking the citizenship of the Cameroonian born Ayaba Cho and possible arrest and repatriation to face charges in Yaoundé is all but wishful thinking for the government and its backers.

For starters, Norway as well as Belgium is some of the western countries which prides themselves as a reference of democracy and respecter of human rights in the world

The duo who constitutes the now shaky western alliance share and preserve some of the much cherished values of freedom of speech and legal experts believe it will be almost impossible for Norway to arrest its own citizenship for simply airing their opinion

Right groups including Amnesty International have in the past reprimand Yaoundé for multiple human rights abuses, extra judicial killings and illegal detentions amongst others.

With a questionable  human rights records on the world stage and increased focus and attention in a crisis many abroad blames the government for escalating, there is little or no incentive for Norway to believe Ayaba Cho will get a fair trial back home even if he is found guilty of the charges drummed by some  papers

Norway has one of the strictest citizenship laws in Europe and it was only until recently that there was debate whether its citizens can lose their citizenship for involving in acts similar to the ones the paper are accusing Ayabo Cho of committing abroad

There is no public news that the government has formally provided evidence to the Scandinavian nation but if all they do, the chances are as good as zero

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At their NEC Meeting, SDF touts shocking revelation



The Social Democratic Front, SDF says some members of the Biya regime of sponsoring armed groups in the North West and South West regions of the country.

Meeting at the weekend in Yaoundé, the National Executive Committee of the party condemned the recent wave of violence in the Anglophone regions.

The attack on the convoys of the Governors of the North West and South West regions, the burning of the Kumba Hospital, as well as attacks on students and kidnap of civilians was some of the atrocities in the past months that drew the attention of the party as they condemned such acts.

However, the party said such acts carried out by armed groups which might be sponsored by some members of the Biya regime, for their selfish interests.

The SDF criticized the authorities, who are protected by security forces,  for forcing civilians without protection to risk their lives to carry out civic duties like voting despite the insecurity in these regions.

The party condemned all forms of violence no matter its origin and once again called for a ceasefire and dialogue as the only way out of the crisis.


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