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“Iran knows they are on borrowed time” Trump fires warning shot



US President Donald Trump says Iran is on borrowed time after slapping the Arab nation with historic sanction ever imposed on any nation.

The 78 years old American president speaking during a press conference on Friday, September 20th, 2019 after a meeting with the Australian prime minister Scott Morrison at the white house

Armed-chaired on his traditional yellow armchair, the boastful US President responding to a possible military strike on American historic enemy Iran.

 Trump says his country has the best military in the world, the best warplanes, and the best ships— and remains more ready than ever to strike anytime any day, saying “it’s the easiest thing for me to do”

President Trump in his more than 30 minutes interview touched on multiple world issues including the American forgotten war in Afghanistan, the trade war with China and the Saudi Arabia oil facility last week which the both Washington and Riyadh blame it on Iran.

Speaking after his country has slapped Iran with some of the most punitive sanctions ever imposed to any nation, President Trump reminded all who cared to listen that Iran is on borrowed time and military option is still on the table amidst war drum beating in Washington

“Striking them is the easiest thing I can do, I can do it right here and you guys will have breaking news” trump told cheerful journalists whom he mostly referred to their media houses as Fake news

He once again took aim at his favorite target president Obama for having negotiated a very “terrible deal” with Iran ( a reference an Obama era deal signed with Iran and 5 major world powers in 2016 which curtailed its nuclear ambitions)


But apart from lambasting at President Obama, Trump also reminded critics who say he should have hit Iran with limited strikes for disrupting the world oil supply chain by targeting the world; largest oil refinery in Saudi Arabia.


“I tell, them it’s not a weakness, it’s a strength,” Trump told anxious and raucous reporters at the White house. Adding that we have the strongest military in the world by far and “I pray we done use it on Iran”.


Trump has been under pressure from Iranian hawks within the US government and congress who wants an attack on the Persian nation, following the oil strikes in Saudi Arabia last week and the downing of American drone months ago.

Many say anything less of a military strike to retaliate would be seen as a sign of weakness by the world most powerful man.

But Trump who has been keen to pressure the Iranian to renegotiate a new deal has opted to rather push for more sanctions against the Ayatollahs-one which he says “targets those at the very top

Following last week attack on Saudi Arabia which the US blamed Iran for the act even though Iran sponsored Huthi rebels had claimed responsibility, Trump had been cautious with regards to any war in a region which might drown the America military for another generation into war.

The Iranians have warned the Us government through Swiss that any attack on their land by the US will be met with an all-out war, warning that both US bases abroad and American allies like Saudi and Israel are within the range of Iranian missiles.

They have also accused the US of economic warfare and have warned other signatories of the deal to do more to keep it alive else they will abandon the deal

US government has repeatedly said Iran will never be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons, calling it a red line



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Ethiopian Prime Minister wins Nobel Peace prize



Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2019 for his work towards ending a 20-year conflict with neighbor Eritrea.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee announced Friday in Oslo, Norway, that Abiy was being honored for his efforts to “achieve peace and international cooperation.”

More than 70,000 people died in a two-year border conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea — which gained independence from Ethiopia in 1991 — that was ended by an inconclusive peace deal in 2000.

A military stalemate followed and relations remained hostile until Abiy became Ethiopian Prime Minister in April 2018, and he worked out the principles of a peace agreement with Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki, allowing ties between the two countries to finally be re-established

In a statement, Prime Minister Abiy’s office expressed pride at being the recipient of the 2019 Peace Prize, the 100th to be awarded and worth nine million Swedish kronor, around $908,000.

“Today, as the world takes note and celebrates his achievements through bestowing the Nobel Peace Prize, we invite all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia to continue standing on the side of peace,” the statement said.

Since coming into office, Abiy, 43, has freed political prisoners and also championed the role of women in politics, creating a gender equal cabinet.

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“Enough is enough”: Nigeria response as xenophobic attack shames South Africa



South Africa has been hit by an outbreak of attacks on migrants from other African countries as the nation prepared to host a meeting of political and business leaders from across the continent.

A spate of violence that broke out in suburbs south of Johannesburg’s city center on Sunday and spread to the central business district on Monday saw the destruction of more than 50 shops and business premises mainly owned by Africans from countries in the rest of the continent such as Nigeria and Somalia. Cars and properties were torched and widespread looting took place.

The attacks come ahead of the beginning of the African edition of the World Economic Forum in Cape Town on Sept. 4 and before a state visit to South Africa by President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria, a country whose nationals have been affected, next month.

“The continuing attacks on Nigerian nationals and businesses in South Africa are unacceptable,” the government of Nigeria said on Twitter. “Enough is enough. Nigeria will take definitive measures to ensure safety and protection of her citizens.”

The violence echoes sporadic outbreaks of attacks mainly targeting migrants from other African countries in some of South Africa’s poorest areas. In 2008 about 60 people were killed and over 50,000 forced from their homes and in 2015 seven people died in violence. Migrants are seen as competition for scarce jobs and government services.

Other Nigerian politicians, including former presidential election candidate Oby Ezekwesili called for stronger intervention by the government. The government has summoned South Africa’s ambassador, the Punch newspaper reported.

In a separate development, South African truckers on Monday started a wildcat strike, protesting against foreign truck drivers. More than 20 people were arrested in connection with attacks on trucks, possession of firearms and other weapons and blocking of roads in Richards Bay, a key port, and other parts of the southeastern KwaZulu-Natal province, police said.

Zambia warned its truck drivers, many of whom drive goods south to the South African port of Durban, to stay out of the country. Newsday, a Zimbabwean newspaper, reported that trucks were queuing on the Zimbabwean side of the border with South Africa at Beitbridge, with drivers reluctant to cross. Newspapers also reported that truck drivers were waiting for calm in eSwatini and Botswana.

“It is barbaric to attack people simply because they are foreigners, it is not acceptable,” Chanda Kasolo, permanent secretary in Zambia’s information ministry, said on national television. “Our leaders are doing everything possible to communicate with the South African government to ask them to take better control of things.”

South African politicians condemned the violence, in which one person was shot dead, according to eNCA, a local television station. At least 110 people were arrested.

Looting spread to Alexandra, an impoverished area in northern Johannesburg, overnight and there was unrest in Marabastad in Pretoria, 702 Talk Radio reported.

There was a police presence in central Johannesburg on Tuesday with some shops and schools closed. Major companies including Anglo American Plc, Absa Group Ltd. and AngloGold Ashanti Ltd. either closed their offices in the city center or reduced staffing.

Still, politicians from the ruling African National Congress have in the past made anti-immigrant comments and Johannesburg’s mayor, Herman Mashaba, has attracted criticism from human rights groups for his frequent attacks on undocumented migrants. Mashaba is a member of the opposition Democratic Alliance.

While ANC politicians including Ace Malagasy, the secretary-general of the ANC, and David Makhura, an ANC politician and premier of Gauteng province, in which Johannesburg and Pretoria lie, have said there is no justification for the violence South African president Cyril Ramaphosa is yet to make a public statement.

“There is an utter absence of leadership in this country,” said Claude Baissac, the head of Eunomix Business & Economics Ltd. “Lawlessness, lack of hope, lack of opportunity. It’s a country that’s slowly, slowly but continuously slipping into state failure.”


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Breaking: FIFA takes over management of African football barely hours to AFCON 2019



Fatma Samoura, FIFA’s secretary general, will hold the title of FIFA High Commissioner for Africa when she assumes the new post later this summer. Two days ago, FIFA suspended payments to the African soccer confederation

Faced with a crisis that threatens to overwhelm the governing body of soccer on the African continent, FIFA is taking the unprecedented step of sending its top administrator, its secretary general Fatma Samoura, to run the stricken organization.

The Cairo-based Confederation of African Football, soccer’s largest regional confederation, has lurched from disaster to disaster in the past few months, and is on the verge of a total meltdown just as the region’s biggest national team competition — the Africa Cup of Nations — prepares to begin in Egypt. On the eve of the tournament, senior officials gathered for an emergency meeting, where they agreed to being led by Samoura, who will hold the title of FIFA High Commissioner for Africa when she assumes the new post later this summer.

The decision comes amid myriad issues faced by CAF, not least an investigation into its Madagascan president, Ahmad Ahmad, by FIFA’s ethics committee amid a torrent of allegations of wrongdoing, ranging from financial mismanagement to sexual harassment. Ahmad, who continues to deny the allegations against him and has claimed to be the victim of a smear campaign, was briefly arrested in Paris earlier this month by the French police, a day after Gianni Infantini was re-elected as FIFA’s president in Paris.

“The rule of the temporary FIFA High Commissioner for Africa would be to conduct a root-and-branch review of governance of the confederation, oversee operational management of the organization, and recommend where needed a series of reform efforts, to be agreed with CAF member associations and with FIFA in order to put CAF itself on a modern and sound footing, improve its image and reputation and thus ensure that CAF is better equipped to face future challenges and to grasp future opportunities,” FIFA said in setting up the arrangement, according to an internal document seen by The New York Times.

Infantino was said to be furious after the arrest of Ahmad, a FIFA vice president, earlier this month, since it came soon after he proclaimed that FIFA was in far better shape than it was when he took over in the aftermath of a sprawling Department of Justice indictment in 2015 that took aim at several high ranking FIFA officials, including the heads of both regional confederations in the Americas.

Though FIFA’s statutes allow it to take control should any of its member national associations run into trouble, they do not allow for it to run any of the sports six regional bodies. That is why it first required CAF’s executive board to agree to the change.

Finances may have played a part in getting a resolution. FIFA, which distributes millions of dollars to the confederations, two days ago suspended payments to CAF.

Neither group has officially commented on the matter.

The crisis at CAF touches all levels of the organization. Ahmad fired its secretary general, Amr Fahmy, during a stormy board meeting in April that followed the leak of internal documents which suggested financial mismanagement on a major scale. On the field, things haven’t been much better.

The second game of the two-match CAF Champions League final — the conclusion of the continent’s top club competition — was abandoned with 30 minutes to play after one of the teams refused to return following a controversial refereeing decision that could not be reviewed because the system put in place to analyze decisions had failed. A decision to replay the game has led to even more fury, with one of the teams, Espérance Sportive de Tunis, vowing to appeal the decision after it was told to return the medals and trophies it already had received.

The imbroglio in Africa is particularly frustrating for Infantino. He campaigned hard on behalf of Ahmad, then a little known figure in soccer circles, when he challenged longtime African soccer titan Issa Hayatou for a post Hayatou had held for almost three decades. While Ahmad will retain the title of president, his day-to-day role will be limited during Samoura’s tenure.

The 2015 crisis that threatened FIFA’s very existence most likely played a role in its decision to step in. The crimes uncovered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Internal Revenue Service largely occurred at the confederation level in the Americas, leaving Infantino and his inner circle to fret about the consequences of not doing anything about potential problems at CAF.

Source: New York Times

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