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Editorial: Should Yaoundé be concerned about “radicalized” MRC leaders?



When President Biya on Friday, October 4th, 2019 extended a hand of fellowship by ordering the discontinuance of proceedings to his political foes who were facing trial in Yaoundé for “insurrection” along with other charges, many Cameroonians celebrated the move as the right step for a nation in search of political healing.

The presidential pardon against his opponents, many say should not have been arrested in the first place was just one show, in a series of rare political lavishness to the people of Cameroon.

First, was the summoning of major national dialogue in a rare September 10th Speech, then the release of 333 Cameroonians who committed misdemeanors in the course of the Anglophone crisis and then Kamto and some of his supporters to crown the week of political generosity.

But as the debate whether people with misdemeanors should be trialed in a military tribunal or not rages on, punctuated by calls for the commander in chief to do more and release Sissikou and Co (Sentenced Ambazonian leaders), the freed kamto and his inner circle have been making headlines once again.

Unrepentant Kamto and Dzongang give a defiant speech

Moments after he was released around 1 PM on Saturday 5th October 2019, the leader of the MRC party Maurice kamto, gave a defiant speech in front of a cheering and impressive crowd.

Hundreds of his supporters had lineup along the highways linking the courts to his residence, chanting songs of freedom and defiance at the same breath as they await the release of a man they believe is their leader.

In front of the expectant crowd, kamto did not fail the information-hungry media whom he had snubbed minutes earlier and his expectant supporters.

“I said I will not talk to the media earlier, but to you my people I must talk to you” he started “I will never let you people down,” he said to a raucous crowd before adding that he will continue to lead a peaceful protest against democratic reforms in the country.

If they think arresting us will deter us then they are lying because none of the things we demanded have been given, he continued to a cheering and reenergized crowd.

But as kamto’s defiant tone was reverberating across the country with the promise of another showdown between the government and a man who has refused to accept the results of an election he lost 11 months ago, another member of kamto’s inner circle was making news of his own in Douala, another stronghold of the party.

“The President (Kamto), tells me that it is thanks to you that the enemy has retreated, it is thanks to our children who fled the misery to go where there is at least, the freedom to speak, I mean the DIASPORA” Albert Nzongang told waiting crowds of his own as he arrived Douala on October 5th, 2019 hours after they were released. “We remained in prison physically but we were on moral freedom” he continued to an applauding crowd but assuring them that the fight will go on.

Another political showdown

But as the nation hopes the population especially Anglophones will find solace in the resolutions of the just-ended national dialogue, many are those who worry that the release of kamto will empower the legal juggernaut to continue his fight.

There have been debates about the conditions surrounding his release, but his party has insisted that no negotiation was done with the government, adding they weren’t guilty in the first place despite staging unauthorized protests across the country back in January.

Kamto’s arrest has brought massive international pressure on government, putting Cameroon in the spotlight like never before and awakes a tired diaspora. His incarceration has led to the creation of the B.A.S movement, fearless groups of the diaspora who have made it a duty to make Europe hostile for the president and close aides in the last few months.

The BAS protest in front of the Intercontinental Hotel in Swizz capital, forcing the Presidential couple to rerun home earlier than schedule epitomizes the commitment of the Kamto learning diaspora population to free their leader back home.

Their measured response to the release of kamto and some of his supporters and the defiant tone of kamto and Dzogang promises thirsty months ahead for the country.




Coronavirus: Mixed signals from Yaounde shows survival depends on you



Earlier today Monday May 25th 2020, public health minister sent out a wake up call

He took to twitter to announce the worst is yet to come, saying we are entering a critical phase of the virus and more than ever before we need to respect government measures and keep social distancing to the best of our ability.

His message of social distancing and to avoid public places is consistent with his daily tweets to guard the public against contracting the deadly global pandemic.

The early morning tweet today though caries different underton, it signals we are yet to reach the peak of this virus,many more Cameroonians are likely to be infected and worst of all many more might die in the weeeks ahead especially as schools are planning to resume come June 1st 2020.

But his message of caution is in sharp contrast with government’s actions vis sa vis the fight against the virus

Government had rollback almost all the measures imposed in March to help curb the spread, deeming bars, hotels, restaurants, beeches, clubs and other services as essential and handed the burden of control back to business owners and citizens as the economy started to suffer under the weight of the lockdown.

What followed has been a spike in number of infected persons and deaths as many ignore social distancing and basic Hygienic calls

Same day government was announcing normalcy or near normalcy across the country, its public health minister was tweeting about the need for people to stay at home as much as they could, warning the risk of contracting the virus is higher and advising people to remain indoors and respect constant hygiene.

Today’s tweet on the eve of school resumption once again sadly reminds the population that the government is tasking them to fight for their very own survival amidst a deadly global pandemic

Cameroon has 4,890 infected cases this far, one of the highest in Africa.
1,865 have recovered while 165 persons have died according to latest official figures.

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Human Interest

Intelligent, nice and hardworking: A friend to Nkeng Lizette paints saint-like picture of deceased



A very close friend to Nkeng Lizette, killed and abandoned at a student hostel in Buea has describe the girl as nice, hardworking and intelligent

Tifuh Sandrine who has known Lizette for years now was speaking to TeboPost this day May 25th 2020, saying her friend was anything but those she now reads on social media

She describe the deceased as reserved with strong facility values and says she was from a very comfortable home.

“ it’s pains me when I read online and Peoppe say she was dating men for me money” Tifuh told TeboPost before adding, she was from a very comfortable home, went to one of the most expensive universities in this country was was suppose to be abroad if not for coronavirus for her post graduate program

She wasn’t into men as people put it and wasn’t materialistic beceuse her family provided her with all her needs

Her remarks about the deceased is in sharp contrast to what has been trending on social media where reports say she was dating two boys for money and was allegedly killed by one of them

The corpse of Nkeng Lizette was found in a hostel in Buea on May 23 2020 while already at an advance stage of decomposition

Reports say she had been killed five days later by unidentified person(s).

She was immediately buried by the hygiene and sanitation unit of Buea council.

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June 1st School resumption: Teachers make demanding demands



Teachers say they will Boycott June 1st School Resumption if Certain Conditions are not in Place by government to ensure smooth and safe teaching and learning  during the era of Covid-19

This is apparent from the document they issued during the week end where 19 Cameroon teachers syndicates including TAC and CATTU have declared that they will boycott the resumption of classes on June 1, 2020 if the conditions below are not met by the government

1. End of year exams be giving on basis of programs they have covered
2. Compulsory provision of sanitizer and face mask on campus
3. Risk allowance for teachers and allowance for overload
4. Not more than 24 students per class
4. Funds provided to schools to take care of health emergencies.
5. Remainder of school fees be paid to the schools among others

But amongst the numerous demands, the risk allowance for teachers has caught the eye of many Cameonians

Coming at a time when the nation like the rest of the world is suffering from the deadly pandemic, it’s only normal that teachers should fight for a safe learning space for their students and themselves

But demanding a risk allowance at a time when medics at the frontline are dying directly due to the virus and are yet to make any financial demands is seen by man as selfish in the part of the teachers

Many point to the fact that some of these teachers have not been teaching since 2016 when the Anglophone crisis started despite being paid their salaries in full and now are making strangulating demands before they go to class

Critics say Should government pay them risk allowance for teaching during the era or COVID-19, same allowance would have to be paid to all civil servants who risk their lives in one way or the other each day as they serve their nation.

Teachers they say are increasingly losing their sense of patriotism and all too often think only about their week being irrespective is the general interest.

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