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7 Fun Facts about late Ekpeka Njoku, most powerful Bakweri jazz man



The demise of the man dubbed the “ancestor” and considered the most powerful jazz man in Bakweri land has shocked many who knew him despite his age.

News of his death quickly made waves on social media today October 11th 2019.

For some,he was so powerful that he seemed immortal to his clients and those who knew him.

The Native of Bova, Buea sub division, Fako Division South West region was feared and revered as they believe he interacts directly with the ancestors.

As the entire Bakweri community prepares to say finally farewell to a man many believed was more of a spirit life here on earth than a human being, TeboPost brings to you some fun facts about an ancestor who lived among men

1. He doesn’t enter a taxi or any other car or motorbike. Njoku reportedly told his clients who came for spiritual healing to take a taxi or car home and he will join them later, and in most cases,they always meet him at their homes before they arrived.

2. He doesn’t comb his hair. It is said he doesn’t brushes his hair which looked scattered and grey all the time while alive.

3. He wears rings on all ten fingers. He usually wear rings on al his ten fingers on the hand.

4. He helped top politicians and super stars in the country like petit pays with spiritual powers and fortifications.

5.He regularly helps to locate missing tourists on Mount Cameroon.

6. He refused to leave behind a successor for his medicines and spiritual powers, saying they cannot keep the rules and consequently they will all run mad.

7. He is also famous for caging shadows in small bottles in his residence.

May his soul Rest In Peace


Ayaba Cho says Ayafor’s muderers have been arrested…. but there is a problem.



On Monday October 14th 2019, the President of Ambazonian Governing Council, Ayaba Cho said those who brutally killed the Florence Ayafor, a North West based warden has been arrested.

According to the Ambazonian leader, the three suspects were arrested by Ambazonian Defense Forces on Monday 14th October 2019 and are being interrogated by the armed group.

Pictures of the alleged suspects were floated on social media that same day as some activists say preliminary investigations had revealed the boys were former inmates of Bamenda Central prison who claim they were treated unfairly by the late warden  while at the dungeon

Her brutal killing (She was beaten and dragged on the floor for minutes before having her head chopped-off from her body, all infromt of camera) shocked the nation and sparked outrage amongst the International community.

The US embassy in Yaounde issue a statement on October 11th 2019, condemning  the killing and urging both parties to engage in constructive dialogue to end the crisis

But the alleged arrests of the suspect who stands accused of committing ISIS-styled execution by ADF sends confusing signal to many especially those who have been following political happenings in grounds zero.

Barely days after she (Florence Ayafor) was killed, the spokesman for 13 rebel groups including the ADF Tabang Ivo Tanku praise the gruesome murder on live Facebook show, telling his thousands of online followers that similar fate awaits any other government official who is against the “struggle”

He also made mockery of the sudden death of the brother of the slaughtered  warden who died from shock after receiving the gruesome video of his sister’s death, saying “When La Republic kills 4 months old children you don’t have heart attack” a reference to a 4 months old child who was shot death months back in Muyuka, South West region of Cameroon.

The gruesome video started circulating on the internet around September 29th 2019 and hashtag #IAmFlorence has been trending.

Ir is  not clear why the mixed messages from the ADF but the armed group could be doing damage control and publicity stunt given they stand accused to be perpetrators of the heinous crime which has shamed the struggle and has given its fighters a terrorist-like image.

Government is yet it officially react to the news of the supposed arrest of the gruesome murderer of one of its workers and citizen around Pinyin, Batibo Division, Momo Division of the South West region

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US-Mexico border is a graveyard for Cameroonian immigrants…this is why



Senseless, unreasonable and alarming. These are some of the words recycled in the past month as the death toll from fleeing Cameroonians who seek better lives in the United States shocks the nation and its bewildered population.

The desires for An American dream of riches and enormous fortune in the era of Trump has attracted teachers, doctors, engineers, business owners, and school graduates to make the perilous and illegal journey to the USA, whose economy is indeed flourishing at the moment and it’s the envy of the world.

On Friday, October 11th, 2019, shocking news of Ngu Emmanule, a married man and father of three whose lifeless body washed the Mexican sea shocks a nation already in grief due to the worsening Anglophone crisis.

Last week, the lifeless body and passport of an engineer also flooded social media while on Saturday October 11th 2019, another teacher and senior discipline master from Santa, North West region of Cameroon also suffered a similar fate for the same reason

Every blessed day, there are reports of teachers, doctors, engineers and many others who have suffered a similar fate as the Anglophone crisis continue to worsen, forcing many youths to flee in unbelievable proportions to the US through the very dangerous, illegal and deadly Mexico border in search of a better life

Many embark on this suicide mission due to limited knowledge about the conditions surrounding their trips, some are ready to risk it all and yet others are pushed by the crisis back home.

Most of them prefer the Mexico border, one which was porous and favorable to immigrants until President Trump came to power

Cameroonians and many other citizens of the world had taken advantage of the porous US southern border with Mexico and its immigrant-friendly constitution to flood the paradise nation for better lives, ignoring the legal routes which most often lead to multiple visa denial.

Almost 85% of Cameroonians youth today dream of life outside the country and you won’t blame them. 

With embarrassing unemployment figures, systemic corruption and disgraceful nepotism in every sector of the society, getting a job in Biya’s Cameroon is seen as a blessing than a right of a citizen and there isn’t room for dissents to change the current situation. 

The results are massive illegal emigration to the US and other western countries

Why the sudden deaths?

The routes though illegal, had been successful in the past, seeing many Cameroonians go through the routes, sending messages back home that it’s the easiest part to enter their dream nation and have a better life.

But political events in the US recently have however changed everything on the ground, and many are not yet to be aware of the changing dynamics in Trump’s America.

With an American population increasingly tired of illegal immigrants taken their jobs, some committing crimes within their cities; many have given their President the mandate to take urgent measures to curb the influx which many believed was a national emergency with hundreds of thousands trooping into a surprisingly visibly “helpless America” almost weekly.

For a man who ran an infamous campaign to build a border wall dividing his country and Mexico to control the influx of immigrants, very few had doubt that immigration would be top on Trump’s Presidential era

Dancing to the rhythm of his base and in line with his election promise-at least, President Trump’s government and Mexico stroke a deal in June 2019 to help deal with millions of immigrants at its southern borders in exchange for relief of sanctions imposed on Mexico by the US

As part of the deal, Mexico expanded its National Guard’s reach at its southern border as the United States dramatically increased the “Remain in Mexico” program forcing asylum seekers to await their cases in Mexico. The policy appears to be effective: In August, the number of people crossing the border declined, with the U.S. Border Patrol arresting 51,000 migrants—a 30 percent decrease.

The deal has had deathly effects on Cameroonian immigrants most of whom have decided to take the more deadly options like sailing the risky high seas for more than 12 hours cramped in overloaded and unsafe boats or walk through wild forests for weeks, dying in the process just to reach Mainland USA.

Urgent need for Sensitization and end of the crisis

Recent developments in the US Southern border is a cause for concern but for a government who is undauntedly overwhelmed with domestic problems, it doesn’t seem to have the appetite to rescue those en voyage

While the list of measures to discourage the youths from leaving the country on such deadly journey remains endless, the immediate step Yaoundé can take is to engage in broad-based effective sensitization of youths in partnership with US Embassy about the dangers of such ventures to the land of the unknown 


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Son of billionaire magnet dies in Morocco



The son and heir apparent of the Fotso Victor empire Yves Michele Fotso has died in a Moroccan hospital- family sources has confirmed.

The one time prisoner at the Kondengui maximum security prison died yesterday October 7th 2019 after suffering from health complications while in prison

Michele Fotso was sentenced to life in prison in April 2016 for embezzlement of Public fund when he was the Director General of CAMAIR-CO.

It is alleged that he offered to pay the money he was accused of stealing while in prison in exchange for his freedom.

He got married while in prison and was in the spotlight  earlier this year when a viral video emerged showing a crying Fotso victor asking for food while incarcerated.

He was recently released through a Presidential pardon and flown abroad for treatment.

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