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US-Mexico border is a graveyard for Cameroonian immigrants…this is why



Senseless, unreasonable and alarming. These are some of the words recycled in the past month as the death toll from fleeing Cameroonians who seek better lives in the United States shocks the nation and its bewildered population.

The desires for An American dream of riches and enormous fortune in the era of Trump has attracted teachers, doctors, engineers, business owners, and school graduates to make the perilous and illegal journey to the USA, whose economy is indeed flourishing at the moment and it’s the envy of the world.

On Friday, October 11th, 2019, shocking news of Ngu Emmanule, a married man and father of three whose lifeless body washed the Mexican sea shocks a nation already in grief due to the worsening Anglophone crisis.

Last week, the lifeless body and passport of an engineer also flooded social media while on Saturday October 11th 2019, another teacher and senior discipline master from Santa, North West region of Cameroon also suffered a similar fate for the same reason

Every blessed day, there are reports of teachers, doctors, engineers and many others who have suffered a similar fate as the Anglophone crisis continue to worsen, forcing many youths to flee in unbelievable proportions to the US through the very dangerous, illegal and deadly Mexico border in search of a better life

Many embark on this suicide mission due to limited knowledge about the conditions surrounding their trips, some are ready to risk it all and yet others are pushed by the crisis back home.

Most of them prefer the Mexico border, one which was porous and favorable to immigrants until President Trump came to power

Cameroonians and many other citizens of the world had taken advantage of the porous US southern border with Mexico and its immigrant-friendly constitution to flood the paradise nation for better lives, ignoring the legal routes which most often lead to multiple visa denial.

Almost 85% of Cameroonians youth today dream of life outside the country and you won’t blame them. 

With embarrassing unemployment figures, systemic corruption and disgraceful nepotism in every sector of the society, getting a job in Biya’s Cameroon is seen as a blessing than a right of a citizen and there isn’t room for dissents to change the current situation. 

The results are massive illegal emigration to the US and other western countries

Why the sudden deaths?

The routes though illegal, had been successful in the past, seeing many Cameroonians go through the routes, sending messages back home that it’s the easiest part to enter their dream nation and have a better life.

But political events in the US recently have however changed everything on the ground, and many are not yet to be aware of the changing dynamics in Trump’s America.

With an American population increasingly tired of illegal immigrants taken their jobs, some committing crimes within their cities; many have given their President the mandate to take urgent measures to curb the influx which many believed was a national emergency with hundreds of thousands trooping into a surprisingly visibly “helpless America” almost weekly.

For a man who ran an infamous campaign to build a border wall dividing his country and Mexico to control the influx of immigrants, very few had doubt that immigration would be top on Trump’s Presidential era

Dancing to the rhythm of his base and in line with his election promise-at least, President Trump’s government and Mexico stroke a deal in June 2019 to help deal with millions of immigrants at its southern borders in exchange for relief of sanctions imposed on Mexico by the US

As part of the deal, Mexico expanded its National Guard’s reach at its southern border as the United States dramatically increased the “Remain in Mexico” program forcing asylum seekers to await their cases in Mexico. The policy appears to be effective: In August, the number of people crossing the border declined, with the U.S. Border Patrol arresting 51,000 migrants—a 30 percent decrease.

The deal has had deathly effects on Cameroonian immigrants most of whom have decided to take the more deadly options like sailing the risky high seas for more than 12 hours cramped in overloaded and unsafe boats or walk through wild forests for weeks, dying in the process just to reach Mainland USA.

Urgent need for Sensitization and end of the crisis

Recent developments in the US Southern border is a cause for concern but for a government who is undauntedly overwhelmed with domestic problems, it doesn’t seem to have the appetite to rescue those en voyage

While the list of measures to discourage the youths from leaving the country on such deadly journey remains endless, the immediate step Yaoundé can take is to engage in broad-based effective sensitization of youths in partnership with US Embassy about the dangers of such ventures to the land of the unknown 


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Camairco plane attack: Ayah Paul schools Akere on International law



Barely hours after the shooting of a plane belonging to the civilian airliner Camairco by armed civilian fighters in North West region, legal heavyweight Barister  Akere Muna took to Twitter to condemn the move, labeling it “international terrorism” and says it defeats it kills any sympathy to the Anglophone crisis.

His comments were re-echoed by some other senior Anglophone activists and politicians including Christopher  Fomunyuy.

But making a case for the attack on the country’s ailing airline carrier visiting a war torn Bafut airport , former justice of the supreme court and staunch government critic Ayah Paul Abine says the plane could be legitimate target for attack if it was used for military purposes as alleged by Ambazonian activists like Ayaba Cho

In a lengthy Facebook post, Justice Ayah Paul writes

The law is very clear that noncombatants (civilians) and civilian facilities are absolutely protected during war (armed conflicts). Such civilian facilities include schools, health structures (hospitals), refugee settlements, mobile objects…

That, however, is only a blanket statement subject to several exceptions. There is such abundant literature on the domain that one finds it superfluous to elaborate.

The fact is that, civilian facilities do become legitimate targets when those civilian facilities such as “vessels, aircraft, vehicles and buildings contain combatants, military equipment or supplies; [or] where [such facilities are] used for military purposes”.

No-one is saying here that targeting the CamairCo plane at Bafut was legitimate. We have no evidence to so assert. What we are asserting, without fear of any legal contradiction, is that, if the attacker had evidence that the plane was on a military mission – carrying combatants, military equipment or supplies or it was being used otherwise for military purposes, then, of course, the plane was a legitimate target!

Those involved in blanket condemnations, and the naming of the attackers even before any investigation has opened, do best know the foundation of their conclusions. On the contrary, they could well be making political declarations and NOT legal affirmations. We challenge whosoever to prove the contrary or even just contradict our legal position!!!

His statement is seen as a response to Barister Akere who was quick to label the attack international terrorism and total disrespect of the IHR treaty.

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Human Interest

Buea hospital Director reacts to TeboPost reports about ongoing crisis at the kidney center




The Director of the Buea refional hospital Annex Dr Martin Mokake has reacted to the reports of price hikes at his hemodialysis center and patients running to other downs for dialysis.

According to a message he sends to TeboPost management, the youngest hospital Director in the country says his management is not aware of the developments reported  by TeboPost but says they are open for more information and will investigate some of the things mentioned in the report.

“The last time I checked which was three days ago, there has been no such event in our center” he writes

“Perhaps you have information you want to share with us about patients who were ask to pay these sum……we can open an investigate and send report to hierarchy” Dr Mokake concluded

Dr Mokake who was installed few months ago had said his administration will prioritize among other things the building of a feedback oriented hospital.

TeboPost had reported an increase of prices up to 500% at the Buea hemodialysis center due to faulty machines. Many patients say they can’t afford the price and have fled the center to other regions.

Lack of machines also mean the few patients still there can only carry out dialysis once a week instead of the traditional two times a week for the patients, worsening their condition in the long run.

Sources at the center had told TeboPost patients were advised to go to other centers across the country. Atleast 5 patients are presently in Ebolowa for the life-saving treatment

TeboPost can independently confirm that at least one person has died due to the crisis.

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Human Interest

Crisis at Buea Kidney center: One dead, many flee as dialysis prices go up 500%



Patients of the Buea regional hamodialysis center are living some of their worst moments. Reports say one has already died due to inability to undergo dialysis and many others are on the run to other cities for those who can afford as they seek the life saving treatment

Poor maintenance of hemodialysis machines meant to dehydrate waste from close to 200 patients with kidney failure has led to the complete break down, forcing some patients to move to other towns and leaving others to die at home.

Reports say medical officials are charging as much as 25 000 Frs for each patient to be put on dialysis
when the actual price stands at 5000frs

“They have three emergency machines still working and it’s charged 25 000 Frs per session, I just can’t afford it so I am moving to Ebolowa” one patient told TeboPost

One Official at the center whose name we are withholding because she is not allowed to speak on behalf of the center say the emergency machines are used only for extreme cases and patients have been advised to move to other towns.

But patients say officials at the center are favoring the rich by raising the prices to 25 000 which many of them can not afford

Most patients with kidney diseases are required to undergo hemodialysis two times a week. It’s an artificial means of removing waste from their system by purifying their blood since their kidney(s) can not longer function

There is atleast one  hemodialysis center in all regions of the country. Reports of faulty machines in most center means many have died across the country due to inability to take dialysis.

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