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Buea mourns, politicians strategize: Possible lineup to replace “irreplaceable “ Ekema



As the body of the man who ruled Buea with iron fist during the Anglophone crisis lies in cold in a DOUALA based mortuary, the battle to succeed him is taking central stage around the municipality and indeed the region.

Buea is no ordinary town in the region and indeed the country. Secessionists consider it their eternal capital and it’s the regional capital of South West region pregnant with history of this country.

When the SDO of Fako division summoned some top members of the council for an emergency meeting following the demise of the mayor as tradition demands on October 28th 2019  and yet again quickly cancel it, it was a pointer of the power play between heavy political forces in the region and the kind of forces Ekema had to content with to remain mayor of a town he wasn’t very much liked by the people and the elites.

The sudden cancellation of the meeting meant to decide the fate of the the next mayor was a daring reminder that the government will not hurry in Buea and perhaps the political godfathers of the region wouldn’t want to get it wrong this time given their public distain for Ekema.

No one seem to be talking about the rules any more and for municipality whose officials acted at times in lawlessness, the chaos that might surround the choosing of the next mayor might resonate across the country.

Renown and political heavyweight Mayor Ekema PATRICK shocked the country with his sudden dead on October 27th in DOUALA after suffering from what sources say is heart attack

Authorities and family members have requested for an autopsy to ascertain what really killed a man many believe was near immortal

Ekema’s shocking death has dominated news circles and opinions ever since the news was made public and even the troubling landslide which has killed more than 40 in Bafoussam yesterday  October 29th 2019 has failed to retire the news of his death.

But as the population continue to remember Ekema amidst hugely contentious legacy he left behind  as mayor of Buea, the battle to replace him has already begun.

So who are those vying for the top job?

Motomby Mbome

One time first deputy mayor and President of Cameroon’s Athletic Federation is seen as front runner

He was unceremoniously removed as first deputy mayor few months back following what the council said then were unpardonable absences.

But it was rather his unreconcilable differences with the late political Maradona which landed Motomby in troubling waters and caused no his job at the council.

His supporters pointed accusing Fingers at his boss late Mayor Ekema and says Motomby was unjustly removed to eliminate any potential challenger to the hot seat.

He was quoted to say he “doesn’t fight over earthly things “ when he was “sacked” and many had considered his dismissal the end of his political career.

But news that he is in town following the dead of his one time ally then rival has renewed hopes he might make a comeback- after all, he has the political blessings of Musonge and Hon Lifaka, political power brokers of the region and some councilors too.

Many are those who also opined that his dismissal was illegal, maintaining that he still remains the first deputy mayor according to the law, thereby opening a new front for potential clashes.

Kingsley Ngange

The academic don and controversial HOD of university of Buea has been floated as one of the front runners of the job too.

Councilor since 2013, the charismatic Ngange is said to have received the blessings of political influencers in the region even though many see him as political outsider

But his political “outsider” status might turnout to be his greates strength in this race given the poisonous atmosphere reigning at the council

He is reportedly favoured because of his “outside credentials” given the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of the mayor.

Ikome Williams Lifanga

The handpicked first deputy mayor of Buea might be looking at the job and saying this is his time- his only crime? He was loved by Ekema

The first deputy mayor was handpicked by former mayor after Motomby was fired and many consider him the political protege of the late mayor-that automatically makes him an enemy of many elites who didn’t like his late mentor.

He is yet to be installed as first deputy and is critics say he is not legitimate. But what might be his greatest weakness is lack of meaningful support from councilors who still see him with suspicion.

He has however shown that he can take off where Ekema ended given he has been the one leading the council task force to ensure ghost town is not respected for the last two weeks-a daring task most of his colleagues shy away.

But amids the speculation surrounding the possible successor of a man many say is simply irreplaceable, the population of Buea can disagree to agree that very few politicians in the region can match the political firepower of Ekema as his demise continue to produce political battles he fought and won while alive

His shoes simply outsized all politics friends and foes at the moment.


Most hated congress women among signatories of letter which puts Yaounde on notice



Democratic congress women and staunch critic of Trump  Illhar Omar and Karen Bass have given a damning verdict about the Anglophone crisis, literally putting a Yaounde on notice

In a three page letter addressed to President Biya, the congress members acknowledge amongst other things the recent moves taken by government to resolve the Anglophone crisis, but insist the measures aren’t enough to end the war

They regret the fact that crimes have been committed by armed civilian groups in the course of the war but adds  even more horrific crimes including rape, torture, burning of entire villages amongst others have been committed by the country’s Security forces

They also encouraged Yaounde to join the Swiss led imitative for an inclusive dialogue with separatists leaders to end the crisis and warn of other measures to be taken to punish the regime should they delay amongst other things

The letter has been welcomed by separatists and their backers who have been in a three year’s deadlock with Biya’s regime as they seek independence for the state of Ambazonian which constitutes the North West and South West region.

But Yaounde might take comfort in the fact that the signatories of the letter constitutes some of the most hated members of congress in the White House

Democratic Congress woman Omar has been one of the four Democrats who constitutes what is now known as the squad

The women of color have been a fierce critic of Trump, constantly drawing rebuttal from the White House with their fat left policies.

Political analysts say any bill to punish Cameroon from such congress members will enjoy no shoooer from Trump but supporters say it’s a positive step.

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Eulogies galore: Friends and foes pour encomiums as Ekema gets farewell



Buea is mourning. The population of the South West regional capital Buea today December 14th 2019 says final goodbye to their warrior and defiant mayor Ekema Patric Esunge

The 43 year old Ekema, one of the most famous Anglophone politicians in the country who rose to prominence during the Anglophone crisis died on October 27th 2019  following an alleged  heart attack in  Douala

Elites of the region, some of whom have openly disagreed with the combatant mayor over his  handling of the Anglophone crisis in his municipality   have today brave threats from armed civilian fighters to give the Hercules of the South West region a burial worthy of of his legacy.

The heavily guarded funeral ceremony which started at 11:00Am  is presided over by Minister  Paul Atanga Nji-personal representative of President Biya

Decorating  the fallen hero on behalf of the head of state as Commander of the National Order of Valour,Minister Atanga Nji says the good thing about death is that it brings us closer to God

He also used the opportunity to take a swipe at Bamenda, the regional capital of the North West region, saying he feels at home in Buea because it’s very clean, thanks to Ekema.

His comments comes after a torrent of eulogies from friends, families and coworkers who pour encomiums on the deceased while calling on population  to emulate his lifestyle.

Opening the floodgates of eulogies in the code to three hours funeral program, a pastor of the PCC enjoined Christians to feed their souls and not their body was death is inevitable.“Prepare your soul more than you prepare anything in this world” PCC pastor told the huge crowd.

Here are some of the quotes from today’s eulogies

“Those who disagreed with Ekema are here with us crying more than the bereaved” Bony Dashaco 

“Real eulogies are engraved on hearts, not on paper.” Interim Mayor of Buea.

“It will take us another 100 years to get another Ekema.”Brother to deceased 

“…he saved Cameroon from disintegration. That is how history will see him. Let’s give him the credit.” – Her Excellency Minister Prof. Nalova Lyonga.

“Those who don’t like Ekema, that is actually your business. He was extremely controversial and corrosive. His words were corrosive!”- Her Excellency Minister Prof. Nalova Lyonga.

“The Head of State says Ekema’s shiny deeds could not escape anyone’s attention.”Paul Biya

“One good thing about dead is that it draws us closer to a God” Minister Paul Atanga Nji 

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US warplane in Cameroon raises concerns



On Thursday December 12th 2019, a US military transport plane arrived Yaounde Nsimalen international airport, sparking huge debates and conspiracy theory about its mission to the turbulent central African nation

Many had taken to social media to articulate different reasons for the plane’s mission with many arguing it’s intended to force the government of Cameroon to halt military operations in the country’s restive Anglophone regions

According to national Telegraph the plane is there for troop rotations. The US troops are still on the ground in Cameroon and has nothing to do with diplomacy or related to the crisis in the North West and South West.

The 437th Airlift Wing is an active unit of the United States Air Force, assigned to 18th Air Force, Air Mobility Command. It is the mission wing at Charleston Air Force Base, Joint Base Charleston, in the City of North Charleston, South Carolina.

Cameroon has been engulfed in a three years armed conflict in its two English speaking regions with many calling for an independent state called Ambazonia. More than 3000 persons have died, millions displaced and hundreds of villages razed in the course of the crisis.

The government has recently introduced a law in parliament to grand special status to the two regions in an attempt to ease tensions and end the bloodshed.

The Special status law was as results of five days major national dialogue intended to find solution to the crisis

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