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Kamto arrives Gouachie in honour and leaves in disgrace



The president of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, Professor Maurice Kamto honoured the national day of morning which was declared  by the President of the Republic, Paul Biya in honour of the victims of the Bafoussam Landslide today November 9th 2019

kamto was received by a large crowd and bigwigs of the CRM party for the West region upon arrival at the ceremonial ground earlier this morning in a ceremony chaired by prime minister Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute

A little while after his arrival, came a large crowd chanting “Kamto Le President….” A song which angered the CPDM regime barons of all rank and files our reporter in the ground says.

The endless cheers and public support for the son of the West region who has a huge support there threatened to disrupt the solemn ceremony and divide mourners within party lines in a rare show of political allegiance in times like this

The  consequence of the raucous support received by Kamto  was military men in uniform had to asked him to leave the ceremonial ground immediately, and they ushered him out amidst booed from the crowd.

TeboPost cannot confirm if the military men were working under instruction from hierarchy or took upon themselves to send the opposition leader out of the ceremonial ground.

Cameroonian President Paul Biya on Friday declared a national day of mourning on Saturday to honor 43 people killed by a landslide in the western city of Bafoussam last week.

“Flags will be flown at half-mast throughout the country, as well as at Cameroonian embassies and consular offices abroad,” Biya said in a statement released Friday night.

Forty-three people were confirmed dead, over 150 families affected and several others reported still missing after the landslide caused by heavy downpour lashed Gouatchie 4 neighbourhood of Bafoussam on Oct. 28.


Chaos welcome Biya at Paris Peace forum



President Biya joins world leaders in Paris France on the invitation of Macron to attend the second edition of the Paris Peace forum.

The two days forum which seeks to create a peaceful world will see one of the biggest gathering of world leaders in European soil

But amidst debates and criticism at home for snubbing landslide victims’ memorial service in Bafoussam where he was represented by premier Dion Ngute to attend a peace forum in France, President Biya has come under fire from the diaspora pressure group known as BAS

Members of the much threaded BAS who have made Europe uncomfortable for the President “welcomed the 86 years old with massive protest outside his hotel

Shocking images and videos of a protest-ready Cameroonian diaspora battling with hundreds of anti riot French police infront of Maurice Hotel lodging the Presidential once again embarrass Yaounde and put the country in the spotlight for wrong reasons

French anti riot police had battled to contained the sometimes violent protesters yesterday November 11th 2019 who wanted to force open the door of the hotel , leaving Cameroonian Presidential guards to scramble as more people all over the country troop into Paris to join the protest team

Protesters where chanting “Paul Biya assasin” in French while others sang the team song for Anglophone protesters “how many people Paul Biya go kill?”

While there are no reports of any casualty, TeboPost gathered the French authorities have demarcated an area around the hotel where protesters can carry out their civic right of protests.

President Biya’s visit in Europe lately have been met with violet protests from the so called a “Brigade Anti- Sadinarde” , a group which has constituted themselves as Kamto supporters but seen in Yaounde as traitors of the republic.

In January 28 ,2019, BAS protesters joined MRC militants at home to strike in many European countries, calling for President Biya to end the war in Anglophone regions, free Kamto and step down

Cameroonian embassy in Paris was attacked, properties within the embassy destroyed as diplomats flee for safety.

Many back home had criticized the French police for the attack and their failure to protect the property from violent protesters.There were also protests in Belgium and Germany that same day

In July 2019, members of BAS from different parts of Europe stormed the intercontinental Hotel in Switzerland which was hosting the Presidential couple for a private stay, clashing with protesters and forced the Swiss government to send the President and wife back home prematurely in a move which was seen as a big win for the movement which is causing serious headache to Yaounde.

Some body guards of the president were also charged in Swiss court for harassing a Swiss reporter who was filming the protests. None of them was arrested or sentenced.

The latest round of protest comes barely a month after opposition leader professor Maurice Kamto and his team were released from prison on October 5th 2029, satisfying one of the key demands of BAS movement has raise fresh concerns about the end goal of the protesters.

After Kamto’s release, the movement issued a brief statement, saying they welcome the move but will continue to protest until President Biya steps down.

Biya is currently enjoying a new mandate which runs til 2025. He will be 92 Years of age.

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Biya’s 37 years in power: Blessing or curse?



When a visibly young, energetic and foreign-trained Biya swept his way to power in the early 1980s following the shocking resignation of then President Amadou Ahidjo, political historians say many Cameroonians went to a state of ecstasy in silence.

For starters, he was from the grand south of the country and could easily identify with 70% of the population who considered themselves as Christians as oppose to the Muslims in the north

For many, they were simply tired of the repressive policies of former President Ahidjo and his one party system of governance which gave no room for alternative voices and political dissent.

For those who followed the country’s politics, Biya’s rise to the pinnacle of power was no surprise, he was Ahidjo’s chief lieutenant and a political protege who won his trust and admiration.

When the rules were change for the Prime minister to succeed the President in the 1980s, many knew it was Biya’s time given it happened when he was the country’s premier.

Taking over office on November 6th 1982, the man many saw as the hope of the republic quickly began to complete the project handed him by his predecessor while charting his own political course simultaneously.

After surviving an attempted coup in 1984, Biya “cleaned the house”, filling all meaningful positions with his loyalists, purged all opponents and immediate threats to his stay in power as he felt out of Favour with the former President who handed the Presidency but kept enormous political clout in a complicated web of power struggle.

In 1985, Biya launched his own party-the CPDM in Bamenda where he declared was his second home, effectively killing-off the remnants of what was left of Ahidjo as his then CDU party was no more.

He urged his supporters to prepare for political challenges and competition, branding himself as a Democrat while setting the stage for unprecedented change.

Biya’s declaration of democracy which should be noted was already sweeping around the continent sounded like music in the ears of many Cameroonians who had known no other governance than absolute dictatorship. He legalized political parties in 1990.

Some were quick to forget and forgive any political sin(s) which he might have committed against his political godfather turned enemy who was on exile in Senegal, they openly embraced his early political reforms even as the once buoyant economy begins to look troubling.

However, it seem Biya was not prepared to welcome democracy just yet or perhaps his collaborators were skeptical and wary of competition.

The launching of the SDF in May 1990 in Bamenda was met with massive crackdown and lost of lives (6persons died) as Fru Ndi defiled  the threats, shooting himself  into the political arena with Bamenda as an opposition stronghold which has just sacrificed human blood to earn the name.

A highly contested 1992 Presidential elections saw Biya narrowly won, SDF cried fowl and boycotted subsequent elections in the parliament as Biya consolidates his grip on power

Economy crisis in late 1990s started exposing serious cracks in his government as salaries of civil servant were slashed to control the situation….Cameroon was beginning to reshape.

37 years down the line, many of his supporters say he is the man for the job

Biya has greatly improved the infrastructure of Cameroon, investing in roads, energy and sporting facilities across the country.

Over his 37 years rule, Biya has made education his priority, opening 7 more state universities , tens of thousands of secondary and primary school in almost all viallage and massive investment in training teachers- Cameroon has one of the highest literacy rate in Africa today.

He has also invested heavily in the health domain, Buidling multiple hospitals and clinics in almost all divisions and subsidizing health treatment for complicated and life threatening diseases across the country.

His supporters also says he has brought democracy to Cameroon and the commander in chief once said he would loved to be remembered as the person who brought democracy in Cameroon.

Critics of the President however are not impressed with his 37 years rule

Many point to the country’s rampant and endless corruption and embezzlement with the country constantly ranking as one of the most corrupt in the world.

Unemployment has always and constantly been insultingly high in the country with millions of youths without jobs

Many say the country lacks basic tenets of a Democratic state as freedom of speech, protests and fundamental human rights aren’t respected. It is highly believed the legalization of multiparty politics in 1990 was due to international pressure.

Perhaps one of the President’s biggest legacy upon which he would be evaluated would be the Anglophone crisis.

The two English speaking regions of the country rose against the government in 2016, accusing Biya of fostering a policy to assimilate Anglophones and wipe out their cultural identity, demanding a return to two state federation as was the case after independence in 1961.

The uprising was met with massive crackdown which has killed more than 5000 persons, displaced about two millions at home and neighboring countries as fighting between armed groups and military intensifies everyday.

Many blame the President for his poor handling of the crisis and says his policies have divided the country more.

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Abdul Karim receives a rockstar reception in Bamenda



Muslim scholar and government critic Abdul Karim receives a rockstar reception in his native Bamenda today November 5th 2019

The fierce critic of the Yaounde regime and staunch advocate for Southern Cameroons independence was detained on September 25th 2019 after a bombshell interview he granted DOUALA Based Equinoxe TV barely days to the major national dialogue.

Received by hundred of supporters, Karim waved thousands more on top of a horse back as he parades his way though the crisis hit city of Bamenda.

His arrest and detention at notorious SED detention center sparked outrage at home and abroad, forcing the government to release him after spending about 40 days in detention.

There were reports of hunger strike by the Muslim scholar while in detention and he wrote a letter to his supporters, assuring them southern Cameroons independence is a course he was ready to die for.

Shortly after is release from the State Gendarmerie Secreteriag-SED,  Abdul Karim gave thanks to Allah saying

“Allahu Akbar…Dear Southern Cameroonians, God answered your prayers. Your servant is free. God bless you,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

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